TWN: dangers of plastibell circumcision

***WARNING: this article contains very graphic material that is not intended to be viewed by children. Some adults may be offended by it, as well. Viewer discretion is advised.***

please go to the link. Pictures of plastibell complications are in the link provided above

All circumcisions involve cutting, tearing and blood (even Plastibell methods). From birth, the foreskin is fused to the head of the penis (like a fingernail is fused to a finger). Before any circumcision begins, the foreskin must be ripped away from the glans. With a Plastibell circumcision, typically the foreskin is slit down the top to allow the insertion of the Plastibell. When in place, a string is tightly tied to necrotize the foreskin. After everything is secured, the excess skin is removed with scalpel or scissors.
………look at the pictures here
As you can see, the Plastibell procedure is not painless. It’s not safer than other circumcision methods. It’s not without its own unique set of risks and complications. All methods of circumcision have risks. All methods of circumcision remove a normal, healthy part of the male genitalia. ,

this video is of a plastibell circumcision. it is surprisingly bloodless, abnormally so, (wondering if this is a live baby or a corpse for medical study)-

For a video of a live child click the link below:




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