Writing on the sunny side of street: The c word



I have to say that I was livid that my precious boy was given medicine for something he didn’t have. And he’s never had an UTI, he’s never had problems with being an intact baby, since we have educated ourselves.

My toddler, Jack, who was born in France, has been to the doctors on numerous occasions since we arrived in Tampa, for check ups. Please note none of these visits have been because of problems with his intact penis. However, the verdict from doctors, especially male doctors, is always the same. “His hole is too small, we have to cut him.” “You need to cut him, because it’s not hygienic.” “You should do it now, or it’ll be painful when he has to be cut when he’s old enough.”

I just nod and ignore, because I know that for my family, preserving our boys as God made them is important. I do sound preachy sometimes, I do think it’s unnecessary, it does pain me to know that some boys have been cut. Do I lecture the parents? No. Do I lecture my friends? No, I offer information.

Many people are putting their faith on Doctors, and on the findings of the AAP. Let’s recap those findings, Studies in Adult males in Africa, had showed that it reduces risk of contracting Aids. (Call me ignorant but I thought that was condoms.) It lowers the risk of UTI’s, and other venereal diseases.

Am I missing something? Where does it say babies? It says Adult Males. So now, does that mean that every adult male who is not circumcised in Europe has UTI’s, Aids or venereal diseases? Erm no. Does that mean that our Canadian neighbors suffer from all these diseases since they don’t support Circumcision either? Erm, no.


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