Keurig obsession

I may be slightly obsessed!!!


This is a sample of what I have on hand now….
Van houtte, donut shop, dunkin doughnuts, eight o’clock, foldgers, Starbucks, tullys, Gloria jeans, caribou, Wolfgang puck, Timothy’s, green mountain, bigelow, celestial seasonings.
(I’m not a big fan of caribou but keep it on hand for guests who like bolder strong coffees…. I’m more a medium and flavored coffee drinker)
I do tend to favor Timothy’s and van houtte with some Gloria jeans. Green mountain is my least favorite because it tends to be a weaker coffee and tends to be more acidic… However, I really enjoy their fall/Christmas flavors like spices eggnog, French toast and gingerbread despite their weakness and acidity. (by acidity I mean makes my teeth sensitive if I have too many cups of green mountain coffees too many days in a row)(by weakness I mean I can’t stretch it into 2 good cups- my second morning cup is usually a re-run through of my prior k-cup, mixing it with the bottom quarter of my first morning cup)


My water filter for the keurig came in today…

I saw a link on for the mini keurigs in different colors….
I just have to wait until my original keurig is broken beyond redemption…..





I like the purple!!!


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