Guggie Daly: How many Babies Must Die from Circumcision?

Over and over again, I hear other debaters remark that the estimated 100-200 deaths resulting from amputation of the prepuce on newborn baby boys in America are a “small number” and not something of concern. Here are examples of the comments people have posted to me:

”Even if we doubled that number, it’s still minute.”
”Everyone dies.”
”That’s only like 100 people.”
”Oh, that’s actually really safe.”
”Well, more people die in car crashes.”
”You can’t save everyone.”

Babies die every day. We all die, actually. That’s just a fact of life. What is the inherent issue with circumcision deaths? Why should a baby dying from circumcision concern us and anger us?

The current routine procedure performed on baby boys in America is recognized as medically unnecessary surgery. Even the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) acknowledges that any “potential benefits” are not enough to recommend routine circumcision. We’ll look at that link in a minute.

Routine circumcision is the act of taking a healthy, living, functioning baby and performing surgery without medical indication:

The baby is not sick. The baby does not have a congenital defect. But a part of the body is removed through surgery. And some of these babies die.

In other words, all of those 100-200 deaths were 100% preventable. Every single one of those babies should be alive today. As I’ve quipped before:

“Nothing in life is 100% safe, but medically unnecessary circumcision is 100% preventable.”



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