The miracle of life

beautifully written. Please click link and read entire article

Bringing a child into the world is the most miraculous, heady, life-altering event that can happen in a person’s life. It’s something that should be honored and celebrated.

It shouldn’t be treated in the same way as getting your wisdom teeth removed.

Women are capable of amazing things. We can go straight back to work after having a baby. We can get back on our feet and tend to fields or sit behind a computer or cook in the kitchen or whatever it is our life consisted of before we had a baby. We can jump back into intellectual discussions with our peers or lead a company.

But to do so neither honors our place as mothers or acknowledges the importance of the new life we’ve brought into this world.

Traditional cultures don’t allow mothers and babies a place a reverence that includes weeks of special foods and drinks and quiet space because they feel women are weak. They do it because they recognize the importance of mothers and the importance of new life and they want to show respect for the miracle that just occurred.

it goes without saying that those parents who can’t take the time away for maternity leave because of financial considerations are not lessening the value of their child’s life. They are doing the best they can.




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