Should newborns be circumcised- poll

I excluded the word boy from the title…..
Should any newborn/child be circumcised when not medically needed? (boy or girl)
Link to poll

Reader James Loewen, responding to the article, said: “Genital cutting of any child is a needless wounding and trauma. Circumcision of children is not healthy, it’s not medicine, its medical fraud. Forced circumcision has a long and sordid history. The harm caused by this unwarranted surgery has caused much needless suffering. It is long overdue to protect children from this assault on their bodies. Bodily integrity is an issue of human rights. The AAP needs to rescind its recent statement on circumcision, just as they did two years ago when they tried to reintroduce genital cutting of girls (ritual nicking.) Its time to start protecting children!”




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