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(BVKJ) German Pediatric Association

I don’t read German and I don’t have a translator on my phone, however someone posted this link and roughly translated it saying the the German Pediatric Association has come out against the German Draft law on circumcision and the AAP’s (american pediatric association) recent stance on circumcision.

This should be the link in German

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I just learned that the German professional association of pediatricians (BVKJ) released a statement which criticizes both the German draft law on circumcision and the new AAP circumcision Task Force Report. There are plans for a larger report with an AAP rebuttal written in English.

You should be able to download the statement here:
It’s in German but Google translate should work fine to give you a rough idea. On page 4, they raise an incredibly important point (translated by me):

The much cited AAP circumcision task report contradicts previous AAP reports without being able to cite any new scientific evidence.
So true!

While the statement is in German, the abstract at the bottom of the document is in English:
The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently released its new technical report and policy statement on male circumcision, concluding that current evidence indicates that the health benefits of newborn male circumcision outweigh the risks. The technical report is based on the scrutiny of a large number of complex scientific articles. Therefore, while striving for objectivity, the conclusions drawn by the eight task force members reflect what these individual doctors perceived as trustworthy evidence. Seen from the outside, cultural bias reflecting the normality of non-therapeutic male circumcision in the US seems obvious, and the report’s conclusions are different from those reached by doctors in other parts of the Western world, including Europe, Canada, and Australia. In this commentary, a quite different view is presented by non-US-based doctors and representatives of general medical associations and societies for pediatrics, pediatric surgery and
pediatric urology in Northern Europe. To these authors, there is but one of the arguments put forward by the AAP that has some theoretical relevance in relation to infant male circumcision, namely the possible protection against urinary tract infections in infant boys, which can be easily treated with antibiotics without tissue loss.
The other claimed health benefits, including protection against HIV/AIDS, genital herpes, genital warts and penile cancer, are questionable, weak and likely to have little public health relevance in a Western context, and do not represent compelling reasons for surgery before boys are old enough to decide for themselves.

Below: taken from soggy mamas Facebook status update20121202-091851.jpg


7 yr old in India loses his genitalia because of a botched circumcision

The boy, Imran, was admitted to Sania hospital in Alwar town on November 10 for circumcision. According to sources, after the operation, some equipment was used to prevent bleeding. However, electric current accidentally passed into his private parts and the boy suffered serious injury. On November 13, the boy was referred to a private hospital in Jaipur. After investigating the case, the doctors in Jaipur advised the boy’s relatives to remove his genitals as it was necessary to save his life. The operation was conducted and his genitals were removed. Three days after the operation, the boy was again admitted to Sania hospital in Alwar.

The boy is now fighting for life while his relatives are protesting outside the hospital in Alwar.

Imran’s uncle Fakruddin Khan said that the operation was to be completed in just 30 minutes but the doctors took four hours. “Two days after the circumcision, the doctors advised us to take the boy to Jaipur. When we took the boy to Jaipur, the doctors there immediately informed us that the boy’s private parts were completely damaged and his genitals had to be removed. After operation, we tried to admit the boy in different hospitals but no hospital admitted him. The last option for us was Sania hospital. So we brought him here back after his genitals were removed in Jaipur.”




One mom’s story in screen shots

This is one mom’s story about the circumcision of her son which she witnessed.
These are screen shots of her side on a discussion forum. I tried to remove all names except for when they show up in the middle of a text. (Oh I think I fixed that now)

Sorry if any are out of order or have to much chopped off. I was trying to ensure privacy.









I researched pros and 20121121-183245.jpg










(These are screen shots spanning several days. I asked the mother before relaying her story. I did screen shots so that I wasn’t editing her words)

My heart breaks for this little boy. Many people may blame the parents but I blame the doctors. Until the drs stop offering and doing unnecessary circumcisions, the parents will continue to sign their little boys up for this painful and traumatizing surgery in the name of culture and medical propaganda.
The foreskin is NOT a birth defect. Anti-circ advocates are not trying to SCARE new parents, anti-circ advocates are trying to save your sons from needless harm and trauma.
We shouldn’t have to yell about death or possible penile amputations. Drs should tell parents straight up what the risks are and minimize the minuscule “potential” benefits.
Circumcised men still get STDs, still get HIV, still get UTIs and yeast infections.
Circumcised men are not impervious to penile problems, in fact circumcised men may have problems because of their circumcision.
If a circumcised man has a penile problem due to being circumcised there is no quick fix. The damage is done.
If an intact man has penile problems he has options. The man can choose. It is his body!

Another woman’s story

The healing process never seemed to end. As he got older, the bleeding stopped, but the wound never healed. At first, his pediatrician told us to continue to just put the Vaseline on it, continuing to treat it like we always had. It wasn’t until six months of questioning did she inspect a little better and found that, while the doctors considered him a “big” boy and claimed to have no trouble with his circumcision, they actually snipped too much off. Now, he will have a permanent scar about a half of an inch long at the tip of his penis. When it will become a scar, I have no idea (as of right now, it’s still an open wound, 14 months later.) We’re still required to keep Vaseline on it several times a week. We find blood occasionally on diapers and hear him screaming at the first sign of a dirty diaper. He runs away after his diaper comes off and holds himself sobbing. During those nights when his cut reopens, he and I both lay awake at night crying, wishing for an end.

We should have allowed him that choice, we should have waited. If we had, he wouldn’t be in pain several times a month… he would be whole with no pain, as he should be. I don’t know if this has changed my husband’s view on circumcision, and I don’t blame him for this. I blame myself for saying yes; I blame myself for signing those forms; I blame myself completely, and I will fight for tomorrow’s sons- whether they are my own, my nephews, or a stranger’s. No boy should have to go through this pain, not for his parents peace of mind.

Another story:

Another baby hemorrhaging… Lucky to be alive and yet supposedly the risks are worth it? How is almost dying worth it? How is almost dying because of a medically unnecessary surgery being performed on a healthy infant worth it?



Keurig k-cup alternatives.

Ok, so since I’m a coffee freak I figure I should pen another post.

(since I bought the water filter for the keurig tank I haven’t had any more issues with stuck brewing

First some stores are making their own brands of k-cups.
Kroger, Target, Walmart.
Kroger and Walmart’s are reasonably priced but Target’s were more expensive than Keurig’s.
I have NOT tried either Walmart’s or Target’s but I did try Kroger’s signature blend. Pretty good and the packaging is better for the environment.



I have also emptied a used k-cup of coffee grounds, refilled it, and placed heavy duty foil over top. That works.

In the beginning, I bought this:


From Walmart for when I wanted my own coffee.
I hated it and hardly used it. It was a mess.

This past week when I went to target I bought some loose ground fruity coffee and the “solo fill cup”



I’ve only used it once but so far I like it. You fill it with coffee, snap the lid shut, and put in the machine like you would a k-cup, no fuss about removing parts.

Of course, I just saw in today, (11/24/12) , a reuseable “single serve cup with paper filters” at Walmart .



Found this at Kroger grocery store today


Found these below at cvs drug store



Rivata casa rossa wine and then rum chata

Rivata casa rossa is very sweet fruity red wine heavy with cherry and other berry flavors.
I liked it but then I like fruity wines.

Seems like I can only get it from Total Wines and they don’t ship to my state… 😖


And then I’ve also had rum chata.
Basically, it is Horchata (a Mexican rice drink) with rum… It is creamy and has a warm smooth sweet flavor
Love it!


Foreskin cells (fibroblasts) used to help regrow hair

So babies have no say in the assault on their genitals, parents and insurance companies pay for this injurious and unnecessary surgery (newborn circumcision) and then companies buy this amputated skin, fiddle with it and then resell it.
Rape for profit??? Infants circumcisions risk maiming the child for life and put the baby’s life at risk. A baby is not a full grown mature man. There is no way to tell what the perceived appropriate mount to amputate is. These children deserve the right to the normal, natural, healthy body they were born with. The foreskin is NOT a birth defect!

In March, Histogen signed a licensing agreement with another San Diego company, Suneva Medical, under which Suneva will develop skin care products based on substances created through Histogen’s technology.

HSC contains proteins, chemicals called growth factors and other substances produced by skin cells called fibroblasts. The substances are produced when the cells are grown in a low-oxygen environment mimicking an embryonic environment.


The fibroblasts are taken from neonatal foreskins, the byproduct of circumcisions. These are the same cells used by the defunct San Diego company Advanced Tissue Sciences, which produced a living skin product called Dermagraft used to help healing of diabetic foot ulcers. It’s not a coincidence: Naughton was president and COO of the company. Dermagraft is now being made in San Diego by a subsidiary of Shire, a medical company based in Dublin, Ireland.

Naughton realized that the newborn fibroblasts were ideal to apply Histogen’s technology to revert the cells to an embryonic-like state, Brandt said.




Intactivist fan page on Facebook: Soggy Mamas

I found a new fan page today. It is an intactivist page (against circumcision) and t has an inconspicuous name: Soggy mamas

The below are pics, quotes and screen shots, mostly depicting the ignorance surrounding the choice to amputate parts of a newborn’s genitals.20121111-081316.jpg20121111-081320.jpg20121111-081324.jpg20121111-081328.jpg20121111-081331.jpg20121111-081336.jpg20121111-081340.jpg20121111-081344.jpg20121111-081348.jpg20121111-081353.jpg20121111-081357.jpg20121111-081401.jpg20121111-081404.jpg20121111-081408.jpg20121111-081412.jpg20121111-081416.jpg


hypospadias repair with foreskin preservation

PURPOSE: Most hypospadias repairs performed in the United States involve the removal of any foreskin that is not used in the repair, resulting in a circumcised penis. Occasionally, the wishes of the parents or the child are for the final appearance to be that of a normal uncircumcised penis. We report our collective experience from 4 institutions in the reconstruction of the foreskin during penile surgery.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: A total of 58 patients underwent penile surgery with reconstruction of the foreskin during a 6-year period. Of the patients 49 underwent hypospadias repair, 8 underwent phalloplasty for chordee correction without hypospadias and 1 underwent reconstruction of the foreskin for a dorsal hood without hypospadias or chordee. Of the 49 hypospadias repairs 46 were distal, 2 mid shaft and 1 proximal shaft. The technique for foreskin reconstruction consisted of a multilayered reapproximation of the lateral margins of the dorsal hood after completion of the urethroplasty and glanuloplasty.

RESULTS: Among 49 hypospadias repairs 2 patients had dehiscence of the reconstructed foreskin, with development of a urethral fistula in 1. Of the 58 total patients undergoing penile surgery 56 had retractable foreskin, of whom 4 required postoperative steroid application. Three patients/parents requested a secondary circumcision, 2 for an unacceptable cosmetic result and 1 based on personal preference.

CONCLUSIONS: Foreskin reconstruction in association with penile surgery can be performed safely and with a low complication rate in appropriately selected patients. Cases with a higher risk of complications include those involving more proximal hypospadias and those requiring complete degloving of the penile shaft. Of the reconstructions resulting in phimosis most can be salvaged with the application of steroids.

PMID 16813925 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]
Full text: Elsevier Science



Wtf I’ve heard this before but wtf

Circumcision does not protect boys from penile problems infact it can cause them…. Link below range from Penile amputation to meatal stenosis

Total ablation of the penis after circumcision with electrocautery: a method of management and long-term followup.

Reconstruction of the penis after necrosis due to circumcision

Surgical management of penile amputation in children

20-year experience with iatrogenic penile injury.

Incidence of asymptomatic meatal stenosis in children following neonatal circumcision.

Post circumcision meatal stenosis: 12 years’ experience

CONCLUSION: Meatal stenosis is an under recognised complication of circumcision done in neonatal and nappy aged boys. Symptomatic presentation from meatal stenosis can be very late.


Neonatal circumcision and penile inflammation in young boys.

The study found that rather than protecting against penile inflammation, neonatal circumcision increases the risk of penile inflammation, particularly in boys younger than 3 years old.


Variability in penile appearance and penile findings: a prospective study.

CONCLUSIONS: There are significant variations of appearance in circumcised boys; clinical findings are much more common in these boys than previously reported in retrospective studies. The circumcised penis requires more care than the intact penis during the first 3 years of life. Parents should be instructed to retract and clean any skin covering the glans in circumcised boys, to prevent adhesions forming and debris from accumulating. Penile inflammation (balanitis) may be more common in circumcised boys; preputial stenosis (phimosis) affects circumcised and intact boys with equal frequency. The revision of circumcision for purely cosmetic reasons should be discouraged on both medical and ethical grounds.


Is neonatal circumcision judicious?

CONCLUSIONS: From our study, circumcision at 5 months results in significantly fewer serious complications than circumcision in the neonatal period, irrespective of the method used. Therefore, neonatal circumcision should not be recommended.


[Total denudation of the penis in circumcision. Description of a plastic technique for repair of the penis].




Botched circumcision, boy asked to be made a girl

Botched circumcision, boy asks to be made a girl

This story is heart wrenching and disgusting. Of course there will be some that would say “well its because he was 4 and not a newborn, that he had this complication”…. complications happen like this all the time… ONLY this is a 4 yr old so he can tell you how badly the doctors screwed up.

although the piece didn’t say why he was being circumcised my guess would be for a false diagnosis of phimosis. Reason being because he is four and many stories I’ve heard from other parents say that thier son’s doctors start emphasizing the need to be retractable by 3-5 and if not then it is phimosis.. blah blah blah… KIDS DON’T NEED TO RETRACT UNTIL PUBERTY!!!… and that’s only it is is comfortable for them….. Yes, hormones can cause odor but if the boy isn’t retractable and he is not in pain then there is nothing inside to clean. meaning, dirt isn’t getting up there.. its closed…

We don’t teach girls to douche once puberty hits, we don’t tell them to take a wash cloth and soap up inside their vagina.

If the boy still doesn’t retract once he is sexually active and it causes him pain or discomfort then he may need to look into medical options. Creams, foreskin stretches or maybe surgery…. but it should be his CHOICE! HIs body, his choice.

excuse typos I’ve no time to proof read

Story below:

EDINBURG, Texas (CN) – A doctor botched a circumcision of a 4-year-old boy so badly that the boy pleaded to “just cut it off and (he) can be a girl,” the parents claim in court.
Rafael and Vanessa Deleon sued Dr. Jennifer J. Garza, of McAllen, in Hidalgo County Court. They claim they learned from specialists that Garza over-cauterized the penis to try to stop the bleeding, damaging their son’s urethra and requiring reconstructive surgery to close the holes.


It continues: “In the coming days, the plaintiff screams and cries every time he has to urinate. The plaintiff is also in tremendous pain. The plaintiff refuses to drink anything because he does not want to urinate. The plaintiff also becomes very upset with his parents. He begins to blame them for his pain and predicament. The plaintiff goes so far as to say that he is a girl now because he has to urinate sitting down. The plaintiff also asks his parents ‘to just cut it off, and he can be a girl.’ The plaintiff’s parents also have to change the plaintiff’s sheets nightly because the sheets become stained with blood.”
A week after the circumcision, the Deleons took their son, still bleeding and in pain, to the emergency room at Rio Grande Regional Hospital where Dr. Christopher Bristow told them “that the plaintiff’s penis looked over cauterized.”


a pediatric urologist told them “that Ethan’s urethra is damaged. He tells the plaintiff’s family that the circumcision surgery created fistulas – holes in Ethan’s penis. He tells them that the plaintiff will need reconstructive surgery to repair the fistulas,” the complaint states.
“On or about September 23, 2011, the plaintiff underwent reconstructive surgery to close the fistulas (holes) on his penis. The doctor tells the plaintiff’s family that he closed the holes; however sadly, he indicated that the plaintiff may need more surgeries in the future,” the complaint says.

read more at:




in memoriam: Brian, suicide due to botched circumcision

He hated both himself and his mother over a botched circumcision that had been performed on him shortly after birth.

He felt that he was mutilated and could never have sexual relations.

He used to speak frequently about intactivism at his workplace when he was still alive.

He sought out closure on the botched circumcision that had haunted him his entire life—he tried to go through court, judges, and doctors only to have door after door shut on him. None of them took his feelings or concerns seriously.

On November 2, 2011, Brian passed away in his home. He took his own life.


I don’t condone suicide. However, I guess he felt no body ever listened. He was crying out for help and acknowledgement or his pain. i do not know the extent of his injuries but I pray for his soul.