Keurig k-cup alternatives.

Ok, so since I’m a coffee freak I figure I should pen another post.

(since I bought the water filter for the keurig tank I haven’t had any more issues with stuck brewing

First some stores are making their own brands of k-cups.
Kroger, Target, Walmart.
Kroger and Walmart’s are reasonably priced but Target’s were more expensive than Keurig’s.
I have NOT tried either Walmart’s or Target’s but I did try Kroger’s signature blend. Pretty good and the packaging is better for the environment.



I have also emptied a used k-cup of coffee grounds, refilled it, and placed heavy duty foil over top. That works.

In the beginning, I bought this:


From Walmart for when I wanted my own coffee.
I hated it and hardly used it. It was a mess.

This past week when I went to target I bought some loose ground fruity coffee and the “solo fill cup”



I’ve only used it once but so far I like it. You fill it with coffee, snap the lid shut, and put in the machine like you would a k-cup, no fuss about removing parts.

Of course, I just saw in today, (11/24/12) , a reuseable “single serve cup with paper filters” at Walmart .



Found this at Kroger grocery store today


Found these below at cvs drug store



Rivata casa rossa wine and then rum chata

Rivata casa rossa is very sweet fruity red wine heavy with cherry and other berry flavors.
I liked it but then I like fruity wines.

Seems like I can only get it from Total Wines and they don’t ship to my state… 😖


And then I’ve also had rum chata.
Basically, it is Horchata (a Mexican rice drink) with rum… It is creamy and has a warm smooth sweet flavor
Love it!



A friend’s dad died last night and a few weeks ago my brother-in-law’s 18 yr old brother died.
Death is every where and it scares me. I can’t imagine losing someone that I love.
My miscarriage in 2008 devastated me ad I’d only know that entity for a couple of months.
What would I do if I lost a parent or sibling or child or husband?
Would I be numb and act like everything was ok? Would I wail and cry and waste away in bed?
How would/will I react?
Sometimes, I feel so disconnected from others and I wonder how strong my emotions for them are…..
I just pray I don’t lose anyone…..

Sangria pineapple, rum, amaretto

I have not tried this but it sounds delicious!! And deliciously intoxicating!!!

On a side note I’ve been experimenting making hard cider aka wine….
Using about a 1/4 tsp of champagne yeast and a bottle of juicy juice cherry, add a little bit of sugar, mix well, leave room at top for fermentation put saran-wrap and a loose tie around the top of bottle, put in dark area until all test falls to bottom about a week or so.
Rebottle (rack) the cider into a clean wine bottle or several bottles, (don’t pour the yeasty remains) I add more juice or a sweet wine to sweeten, loosely cover place in fridge, after a day or two tighten lid. Leave in fridge.