Circumcision deaths are a legalized non-scandal …. And more

I have not read anything but this link on that page so I’m not sure of the pages biases or methods but I am posting this link.

The author’s comment in regards to other commenters on his blog

To tokyobk, and others who question why I posted this piece:

Co-editor Philip Weiss opened the door to critical commentary about the American Jewish community broadly, on topics other than just Israel/Palestine. For example, please see his post about the ultra-Orthodox sex scandal:

link to

Phil wrote:

It struck me that night that because of the Catholic church scandal and its sequels, our society is experiencing an awakening. We are uncovering important new terrain of man’s inhumanity to man. The truth is that sexual abuse has gone on everywhere, in countless institutions where children and power intersect. The discovery of these horrors is now widespread and imperative, and it will make society better. That is why I jumped on the Ultra Orthodox story yesterday.

Couldn’t have said it better. Discovering the horrors of circumcision, and outlawing this shameful and destructive practice, will benefit society.

Why I’m focusing on the Jewish angle:
As a Jew, I feel responsible to challenge Jewish practices that are harmful. As I wrote in the article – and as the Canadian Children Right’s Council has stated – circumcision of non-consenting minors is wrong no matter what religious or cultural context. If I was a Muslim, I would be posting this article to a Muslim-originated blog, and I would link it to a video of a Muslim circumcision. But since I am a Jew, I am posting it here, on a site that criticizes aspects of the American Jewish community for the sake of bettering it!

To all commenters
As of 2:11AM PST on June 25th, not one of the seven comments thus far has expressed a drop of shock, moral outrage, or indignation at the practice of exposing infant males to death, as documented in my post. Again, the question: why is this obvious scandal such a non-scandal, not only in the American Jewish community and the mainstream media, but for readers of this blog? Are the lives of male babies truly that worthless? Why are the practices cited in this article legalized when performed on male infants, whereas these practices are illegal when performed on female infants? Shouldn’t that change, so that both males and females are protected by the law?


Baby death after circumcision: Uganda
The death is blamed on the mother but the fact remains if the healthy child want subjected to medically unnecessary and unethical surgery the baby would not have died

Kasese — Grief engulfed residents of Kasese Municipality when a three-weeks old baby died after undergoing circumcision. The baby’s mother Dorah Muhindo, said she was instructed by the health workers at St. Paul’s Health Centre IV not to feed the baby from 6am since the operation was to be done at 7am but it took place at 11am.

A relative, who preferred anonymity, said the child was discharged at 5pm.

A medical source at the health centre said: “Imagine a three-week-old child spent more than eight hours without eating and no fluids were given to him, obviously his glucose levels reduced causing dehydration and eventually death.”

The parents said the child was discharged before he regained consciousness but his condition worsened when they reached home. The baby was taken back to the hospital but it was too late to save his life. However, health workers accused the mother of having breast-fed him before the recommended time.

A death certificate from the health unit reads: “The child died because of being breast-fed before he gained consciousness.” Locals wondered how a child would be discharged by a medical worker before gaining consciousness.

When contacted, the in-charge of the health centre, Dr Anthony Kiwanuka, said: “I am not at the health unit now, I am with police in the field.” The health centre administrator, the Rev. Josephat Bwaruma, said he was not briefed about the matter.

Residents have vowed to take the matter to court if the family drops the issue.

Within four months, four children have died at St. Paul’s Health Centre IV and Bishop Masereka Health Centre, after circumcision.


Cultural bias. When studying circumcision, cultural bias must be considered:

Circumcision practices are largely culturally determined and as a result there are strong beliefs and opinions surrounding its practice. It is important to acknowledge that researchers’ personal biases and the dominant circumcision practices of their respective countries may influence their interpretation of findings.10

The article is a bunch of crap but the commenters are on their game.


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