Botched circumcision, boy asked to be made a girl

Botched circumcision, boy asks to be made a girl

This story is heart wrenching and disgusting. Of course there will be some that would say “well its because he was 4 and not a newborn, that he had this complication”…. complications happen like this all the time… ONLY this is a 4 yr old so he can tell you how badly the doctors screwed up.

although the piece didn’t say why he was being circumcised my guess would be for a false diagnosis of phimosis. Reason being because he is four and many stories I’ve heard from other parents say that thier son’s doctors start emphasizing the need to be retractable by 3-5 and if not then it is phimosis.. blah blah blah… KIDS DON’T NEED TO RETRACT UNTIL PUBERTY!!!… and that’s only it is is comfortable for them….. Yes, hormones can cause odor but if the boy isn’t retractable and he is not in pain then there is nothing inside to clean. meaning, dirt isn’t getting up there.. its closed…

We don’t teach girls to douche once puberty hits, we don’t tell them to take a wash cloth and soap up inside their vagina.

If the boy still doesn’t retract once he is sexually active and it causes him pain or discomfort then he may need to look into medical options. Creams, foreskin stretches or maybe surgery…. but it should be his CHOICE! HIs body, his choice.

excuse typos I’ve no time to proof read

Story below:

EDINBURG, Texas (CN) – A doctor botched a circumcision of a 4-year-old boy so badly that the boy pleaded to “just cut it off and (he) can be a girl,” the parents claim in court.
Rafael and Vanessa Deleon sued Dr. Jennifer J. Garza, of McAllen, in Hidalgo County Court. They claim they learned from specialists that Garza over-cauterized the penis to try to stop the bleeding, damaging their son’s urethra and requiring reconstructive surgery to close the holes.


It continues: “In the coming days, the plaintiff screams and cries every time he has to urinate. The plaintiff is also in tremendous pain. The plaintiff refuses to drink anything because he does not want to urinate. The plaintiff also becomes very upset with his parents. He begins to blame them for his pain and predicament. The plaintiff goes so far as to say that he is a girl now because he has to urinate sitting down. The plaintiff also asks his parents ‘to just cut it off, and he can be a girl.’ The plaintiff’s parents also have to change the plaintiff’s sheets nightly because the sheets become stained with blood.”
A week after the circumcision, the Deleons took their son, still bleeding and in pain, to the emergency room at Rio Grande Regional Hospital where Dr. Christopher Bristow told them “that the plaintiff’s penis looked over cauterized.”


a pediatric urologist told them “that Ethan’s urethra is damaged. He tells the plaintiff’s family that the circumcision surgery created fistulas – holes in Ethan’s penis. He tells them that the plaintiff will need reconstructive surgery to repair the fistulas,” the complaint states.
“On or about September 23, 2011, the plaintiff underwent reconstructive surgery to close the fistulas (holes) on his penis. The doctor tells the plaintiff’s family that he closed the holes; however sadly, he indicated that the plaintiff may need more surgeries in the future,” the complaint says.

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