Foreskin cells (fibroblasts) used to help regrow hair

So babies have no say in the assault on their genitals, parents and insurance companies pay for this injurious and unnecessary surgery (newborn circumcision) and then companies buy this amputated skin, fiddle with it and then resell it.
Rape for profit??? Infants circumcisions risk maiming the child for life and put the baby’s life at risk. A baby is not a full grown mature man. There is no way to tell what the perceived appropriate mount to amputate is. These children deserve the right to the normal, natural, healthy body they were born with. The foreskin is NOT a birth defect!

In March, Histogen signed a licensing agreement with another San Diego company, Suneva Medical, under which Suneva will develop skin care products based on substances created through Histogen’s technology.

HSC contains proteins, chemicals called growth factors and other substances produced by skin cells called fibroblasts. The substances are produced when the cells are grown in a low-oxygen environment mimicking an embryonic environment.


The fibroblasts are taken from neonatal foreskins, the byproduct of circumcisions. These are the same cells used by the defunct San Diego company Advanced Tissue Sciences, which produced a living skin product called Dermagraft used to help healing of diabetic foot ulcers. It’s not a coincidence: Naughton was president and COO of the company. Dermagraft is now being made in San Diego by a subsidiary of Shire, a medical company based in Dublin, Ireland.

Naughton realized that the newborn fibroblasts were ideal to apply Histogen’s technology to revert the cells to an embryonic-like state, Brandt said.





6 thoughts on “Foreskin cells (fibroblasts) used to help regrow hair

  1. Exactly…and now dr. Oz of Oprah is touting this big cosmetic company that unethically uses the ripped off foreskins of un consenting human male infants. First Oprah promotes dkinmedica foreskin products and now Hitogen…. When will it end???

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