Keurig k-cup alternatives.

Ok, so since I’m a coffee freak I figure I should pen another post.

(since I bought the water filter for the keurig tank I haven’t had any more issues with stuck brewing

First some stores are making their own brands of k-cups.
Kroger, Target, Walmart.
Kroger and Walmart’s are reasonably priced but Target’s were more expensive than Keurig’s.
I have NOT tried either Walmart’s or Target’s but I did try Kroger’s signature blend. Pretty good and the packaging is better for the environment.



I have also emptied a used k-cup of coffee grounds, refilled it, and placed heavy duty foil over top. That works.

In the beginning, I bought this:


From Walmart for when I wanted my own coffee.
I hated it and hardly used it. It was a mess.

This past week when I went to target I bought some loose ground fruity coffee and the “solo fill cup”



I’ve only used it once but so far I like it. You fill it with coffee, snap the lid shut, and put in the machine like you would a k-cup, no fuss about removing parts.

Of course, I just saw in today, (11/24/12) , a reuseable “single serve cup with paper filters” at Walmart .



Found this at Kroger grocery store today


Found these below at cvs drug store



One thought on “Keurig k-cup alternatives.

  1. I do like the reuseable cups from cvs.
    I also got a new keurig elite for Christmas! I gave my old keurig to a friend’s Inlaws with the warning that it could die tmw or last a year… It was free for them anyways.
    I’m just not one if those people who sell things, I’m more comfortable giving things away.
    Once we gave away a whole 3 sectional sofa because it didn’t fit our needs. It was under 2 yrs old.

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