One mom’s story in screen shots

This is one mom’s story about the circumcision of her son which she witnessed.
These are screen shots of her side on a discussion forum. I tried to remove all names except for when they show up in the middle of a text. (Oh I think I fixed that now)

Sorry if any are out of order or have to much chopped off. I was trying to ensure privacy.









I researched pros and 20121121-183245.jpg










(These are screen shots spanning several days. I asked the mother before relaying her story. I did screen shots so that I wasn’t editing her words)

My heart breaks for this little boy. Many people may blame the parents but I blame the doctors. Until the drs stop offering and doing unnecessary circumcisions, the parents will continue to sign their little boys up for this painful and traumatizing surgery in the name of culture and medical propaganda.
The foreskin is NOT a birth defect. Anti-circ advocates are not trying to SCARE new parents, anti-circ advocates are trying to save your sons from needless harm and trauma.
We shouldn’t have to yell about death or possible penile amputations. Drs should tell parents straight up what the risks are and minimize the minuscule “potential” benefits.
Circumcised men still get STDs, still get HIV, still get UTIs and yeast infections.
Circumcised men are not impervious to penile problems, in fact circumcised men may have problems because of their circumcision.
If a circumcised man has a penile problem due to being circumcised there is no quick fix. The damage is done.
If an intact man has penile problems he has options. The man can choose. It is his body!

Another woman’s story

The healing process never seemed to end. As he got older, the bleeding stopped, but the wound never healed. At first, his pediatrician told us to continue to just put the Vaseline on it, continuing to treat it like we always had. It wasn’t until six months of questioning did she inspect a little better and found that, while the doctors considered him a “big” boy and claimed to have no trouble with his circumcision, they actually snipped too much off. Now, he will have a permanent scar about a half of an inch long at the tip of his penis. When it will become a scar, I have no idea (as of right now, it’s still an open wound, 14 months later.) We’re still required to keep Vaseline on it several times a week. We find blood occasionally on diapers and hear him screaming at the first sign of a dirty diaper. He runs away after his diaper comes off and holds himself sobbing. During those nights when his cut reopens, he and I both lay awake at night crying, wishing for an end.

We should have allowed him that choice, we should have waited. If we had, he wouldn’t be in pain several times a month… he would be whole with no pain, as he should be. I don’t know if this has changed my husband’s view on circumcision, and I don’t blame him for this. I blame myself for saying yes; I blame myself for signing those forms; I blame myself completely, and I will fight for tomorrow’s sons- whether they are my own, my nephews, or a stranger’s. No boy should have to go through this pain, not for his parents peace of mind.

Another story:

Another baby hemorrhaging… Lucky to be alive and yet supposedly the risks are worth it? How is almost dying worth it? How is almost dying because of a medically unnecessary surgery being performed on a healthy infant worth it?




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