Guggie Daily- on circumcision and its harms

AMEN AMEN AMEN! This was a Facebook status update she posted today.

Facebook post from Guggie Daily:

Do you know of a page, blog, website or other resource against circumcision started by a MAN? Feel free to link it here.

Men DO complain.
They DO acknowledge their loss.
They DO want forced circumcisions to stop.

They DO want their sons to be healthy and whole.It’s not about feeling insecure, inferior or broken.It’s about acknowledging what others have done, and taking a stand to stop the cycle.

It’s not about focusing on the hurt others had in their hearts or what they passed onto the next generation.

It’s about learning to unconditionally love your partner/yourself, to the point that you can look at the facts and still feel completely loved and accepted.

Someone forcefully circumcised you and you’re fine with it? *shrugs* That’s…FINE. It really is. Lucky you, that you don’t have a scar, or discoloration, or nerve damage, or keratinization, or a bridge on the glans, or hair pulled up onto the shaft, or ejaculation issues, or painful/dry/banging sex, or a crooked penis, or meatal stenosis. Lucky you that you weren’t one of the babies who bled to death, or choked on vomit, or had a heart attack, or got an infection after surgery and died.

You’re FINE. That’s good. You don’t have to feel bad about your body or what others did to you.

If you’re FINE, then it shouldn’t bother you to 100% oppose forcing it onto anyone else. If you don’t have bad feelings or unresolved hang ups, then freely jump up to STOP forcing it onto others.

His body, his penis, his health, his life, his sexual partner, HIS CHOICE.

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To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.ELBERT HUBBARD

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