I feel so sorry for these boys



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Poor kids



IF these were girls With their legs spread wide while a person merely snipped some inner labia or just the clitoral hood Americans would be outraged…. But since its boys and boys don’t deserve protection we send money and supplies to help and football players help out

Tim Tebow 2008- http://articles.orlandosentinel.com/2008-05-05/sports/tebow05_1_tim-tebow-philippines-general-santos-city







Girls go through this insanity as well in some Asian, Middle Eastern and African countries. (And more than likely happen illegally in the America, Canada, Central and S America and the European countries) The severity of their circumcisions/mutilations vary from culture to culture. It could be as simple as a pin prick, a small snip of the clitoralhood, a snip at the clitorus, or the partial or full removal of most of the external female genitalia.
Some may be worse but all forms are horrible.

If a man or woman freely choose without societal pressure, while fully informed of all possible consequences to alter his or her genitals, then I have no problem with that ADULT choice.
Children and unconsenting individuals should not be forcibly subjected to this torture!

below is a link to pictures of a circumcision…. Look at it and realize this torture is happening to a child


3 thoughts on “I feel so sorry for these boys

    • True, however, I feel that they have as little say as a newborn does in getting this operation.
      The only positive is at least the older kids know why they are hurting…a newborn only knows pain….

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