Intact/uncircumcised males, Brian Morris sells snake oil to the ignorant

The link starts out pro-circ using the pedophile Brian Morris and his ilk as a professional source…. However, the ray of light does shine through…

One expert questioned the new findings based on the methods Morris’ team used.

Zbys Fedorowicz, director of the Bahrain branch of the UK Cochrane Centre, a non-profit organization that evaluates medical studies, said that the 22-study analysis combined different types of studies and the researchers failed to assess their quality.

“It doesn’t mean to say that these guys are necessarily wrong, it’s just that we don’t know because the methodological approach that they used isn’t thorough enough, it’s not transparent, it’s not reproducible and it’s not clear,” Fedorowicz said.

In November, Fedorowicz and colleagues published a report concluding that no existing study that examined the risk of urinary tract infections and circumcision was of high enough quality for any recommendation.

Dr. Robert Van Howe, clinical professor of pediatrics at the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine and vocal critic of circumcision, also found the new study problematic.

Van Howe said that diagnostic criteria for urinary tract infections differ between researchers and that the cost/ benefit analysis of circumcision as a preventive tool for infections doesn’t add up.

At $200 each circumcision, preventing one urinary tract infection would cost $40,000, “which you can treat with an $18 antibiotic; it’s overkill,” Van Howe said.

“You would think we have long lists for dialysis in men because they’re not circumcised, but it just isn’t a problem, it’s fear mongering,” Van Howe told Reuters Health.

A middle ground might be to let boys decide for themselves at age 14 or 16 to become circumcised, Van Howe suggested. “You can leave this choice up to the person who has to live with the consequences,” Van Howe said.

Here is the other side… From a non-biased source- government site- national institute if health

PIP: A prospective population-based cohort study assessed the association between male circumcision and subsequent urinary tract infection (UTI) in children born in Ontario, Canada, in a 12-month period in 1993-94. Of the 69,100 eligible infants, 30,105 (43.6%) were circumcised in the first month of life. 29,217 uncircumcised boys were matched to circumcised boys by date of birth and followed for 24-36 months. Information on UTIs was extracted from the Canadian Institute for Health Information computerized database on hospital discharges. There were 83 UTI cases in the circumcised cohort (1.88/1000 person-years of observation) and 247 in the uncircumcised group (7.02/1000 person-years) (p 0.0001). The relative risk of UTI in uncircumcised compared to circumcised boys was 4.5 (95% CI, 2.4-8.4) in the first month of life and 3.7 (95% CI, 2.8-4.9) in the year after the procedure. Calculation of the attributable risk indicated 195 circumcisions would be necessary to prevent one admission for UTI in the first year of life. Previous studies have recorded UTI rates 10-20 times higher in uncircumcised than circumcised boys. These findings support the hypothesis that circumcision protects boys from UTI, but the magnitude of this effect may be less than previously estimated.

Brian Morris is a circumfetishest meaning he likes circumcision, likes circumcised peni and encourages circumcision at all costs.

His site is full of lies and myths written in such a way as to sound true.
However, here is site refuting all his bull shit


psychology today: circumcision- part 1-6

LET the boy (and girl) keep their body whole! The Foreskin is not birth defect!!!!





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