Statistics for vulvar and penile cancer

Female vulvar cancer

Male penile cancer

Prostate cancer

So in the USA, female vulvar cancer accounts for .6%of cancers in women and 4% of female reproductive organ cancers and male penile cancer accounts for 1% of cancers in men. prostate cancer will hit 1 in 6 men on their lifetimes…. (Foreskin has nothing to do with prostate cancer but many USA citizens are brain washed by into thinking it does. The prostate is internal, foreskin is external, the only thing that relates them is that they are on the same man)

Shouldn’t we warn women? Shouldn’t women be clipped at birth like men in the USA to avoid or lessen the possibility of vulvar cancers?

Hopefully, you can tell I’m being sarcastic. No baby should be cut on the slim possibility of a cancer 50-70 yrs down the line caused by adult behaviors. (smoking, multiple unprotected sexual encounters, hpv, poor hygiene)


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