YouTube: A Question For Circumcised Men ByLatumWay

I have not a rurally watched this video yet but other recommended it.

A Question For Circumcised Men

A long read. Slightly anti-religious but makes valid points

A bit if a rant but has a lot of links


KENYA: Plea to ICC over forced male circumcision

Dean wrote: When a child is held down forcibly and genitally mutilated he (or she) experiences a sense of powerlessness and a complete lack of control that is unimaginable. Worse still, there is no way for them to rationalise the procedure into a positive experience, like many of the men who are circumcised as young adults or teens within cultural settings. The whole process of torture removes any concept of being able to exert control over ones body.

When the child is so young that they can’t rationalise, nor ultimately remember the experience, the lack of control registers deeply within the unconscious. It is for that reason that I believe men circumcised as infants can often aptly be described as ‘control-freaks.’ And if you look at the consciousness of the nations that circumcise as infants there is often an underlying obsession with control – a way to balance out the complete lack of control experienced during the mutilation and never fully processed in order to allow for healing. When we feel powerless as children we seem to grow into adults that once in a position to exert control and power do so with a great ferocity

Bride fattening and female circumcision fgm



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