Circumcision: issues

Another man’s story on his coming to terms with his circumcision as an infant and doing stretching exercises of the shaft skin to try to grow “substitute” coverage of the glans of the penis. (Foreskin restoration techniques)

please read his entire story by clicking the link

So my initial suspicion that something was wrong with my penis actually came before I even started researching circumcision, during puberty. I remember looking at the scar line and wondering why it was uneven, darker, and why the skin above it was a different color. I also noticed how the frenulum ended awkwardly into the scar line. I didn’t really put much thought into it then, but it is interesting to think I knew something was wrong at that age. I also remember when I would masturbate and end up causing sores, I thought I was just being too rough. I started using the technique many intact guys seem to use, thumb on top, fingers on bottom… not a fist, just the ends of the fingers. Perhaps guys are hardwired for this technique 🙂 Anyways, this didn’t work because the skin wasn’t mobile and I was just rubbing it raw, after which I couldn’t masturbate for several days or the sores would reopen. The glans was uncomfortable to stimulate and the main stimulation was from the frenulum when pulled down. When I finally did the fisted approach it helped, but was still rough on the skin.



below is a link to pictures of a circumcision…. Look at it and realize this torture is happening to a child

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