Monteagle winery


Yum! After being in the vicinity for a yr and a half I finally made it out to Monteagle Winery in TN. It’s off the highway. It’s a good sized nice looking building but looks “empty”
However, if a car is parked outside it is “open” and should usually be open until 5pm
The proprietress does offer wine tastings.

I tried the
Chobel (spelling) a little dry but clean and crisp
The Strawberry wine- tastes like fresh picked strawberries. Slightly dry, clean finish
The Peach- yummy- sweet and clean
The Blackberry wine- literally tastes like blackberries. Tart and not very sweet

I tried the magnolia muscadine wine- smooth, sort of vanilla-like

I tried the mistletoe cranberry wine- very nice. Tastes strongly of cranberries and spices.

Also tried sunset blush and Midnight lace. I don’t remember what they tasted like but I bought them do they were probably not dry, slightly sweet, and clean tasting.

I was really impressed with Monteagle Winery Wines and I kick myself for buying liquor store wines when such great wines were right next door.

Prices per bottle ranged from $14-$21

I have no affiliation or even friendships with this winery.




I bought the peach, the cranberry, sunset blush and midnight lace.


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