Crunchy pickles and sweet potato fries… (Separate not together- yuck)


Pickles recipe:

Sweet potato fries recipe


Kombacha experiment failure

Ok, so it was a failure… Or rather I got tired and bored with the experiment and stopped.
I’m treating the fermented sweet tea as wine and I racked it (poured it into a new container leaving the yeast at the bottom) and put it in the fridge so that any residual yeast would cool and go to the bottom of the new jar…..
I’ve now brewed some new sweat tea to sweeten the new wine…
Taste test tmw…..


Witch hazel uses and recipe links

The last part mentioned witch hazel as armpit cleaner to kill bacteria and not use deodorant….. Hmmmmm

Witch hazel recipe and uses (scroll down)
Recipe using witch hazel, herbal extracts and vodka as deodorant…..

Call me maybe: troops vs cheerleader

I believe the cheerleaders did this first and then the USA troops did a parody of them.
I love it! This video is awesome!

You really got to give these guys credit, watch how the troops match the cheerleaders move for move!

















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Hands off!!!!

Just as there is zero justification in performing vaginal exams on infant and young girls, so also is there never justification to retract and examine the inside of a baby boy’s or child’s penis when there is nothing wrong. Doing so is not alright for girls, and it is not alright for boys. The only time a physician should be handling your child’s genitals (gently!) is if the penis or vulva in question has a visible abnormality that requires examination. If this is not the case, then hands off!

– Martin Winckler, M.D.


Warning: there may be some anger/venting/venom and pictures below a reader may find offensive

(<– link)

‎”DEAR PRO-CUTTERS: Can you answer these questions?

Do you know who HJ Kellogg is?

What are the functions of the foreskin?

How did secular circumcision begin in America?

What did they believe it was going to prevent and why?

What are the statistical chances of a man needing it done later in life?

What year was it outlawed in America for baby girls?

How many nerve endings are in the foreskin compared to the female clitoris?

Do you know what Meissners corpuscles are? How about Langerhan cells? Ridged band?

What is smegma and what is it made up of? When does the foreskin usually retract?

Does circumcision reduce sensitivity in males? Who is Brian Morris?

What do they do with the foreskins after they cut it off?

What are all of the different methods of circumcision and how are they performed?

What are their complication rates?

What is in some cosmetics and facial creams? What problems can a man have from his circumcision statistically?

Until you can answer every single one of those questions DO NOT even try to fool us into thinking you know anything about circumcision. We WONT believe you!” ~Christine Martin


Are people really this stupid ignorant, uninformed?(taken from facebook pages motherhood:the truth and soggy mamas



















Homemade natural makeup

We all know about the toxic chemicals in regular makeup products. You may think that because makeup is only topical it poses no risk to you. However, did you know that your skin is the largest organ in/on your body?….
So take care if your skin as naturally as you can….

Link to homemade makeup:

Mod podge coffee cups

Since I originally wrote this blog post years ago, I’ve learned a lot.

1) you can use acrylic paint that is non-toxic or made for food ware.

Bake at 350 degree F for 30 minutes, don’t preheat the oven and leave in it oven (once oven is off) to cool slowly.

2) Modge podge makes a dishwasher safe version

3) it is better to use lead-free paints on kiln safe dishes. Use the paints you would use if painting clay or pottery and then have it kiln(ed). The paint comes out nicer.

I go to an open studio class that provides the paints, clay and kiln.


Ok so I’ve been looking into custom photo designed coffee mugs….
They are expensive! $11.99-13.99 and up!
So I googled making your own photo mug…. Lots of work buying special paper, measuring, sealants… Etc

So I thought…. What about stickers???
So I went to the crafting section at Walmart and bought scrapbooking stickers for $1 and mod podge spray (comes in goo form as well) for about $5-$7 (can’t remember) and when I got home I pulled out my 3 plain coffee cups and went to town….
First I put the stickers on the mugs
Then I sprayed the mod podge
Let it dry

Here is the outcome




A couple of the stickers are lifting at the ends…. Next time I need to spray the mid podge first, place the sticker, let dry, check that sticker is flat, then spray, dry, spray, dry, spray, dry…..

They did come out pretty though….

Next test will be to see if I can wash them in the dishwasher or if they have to be hand washed……




Do not stick in dishwasher

Experiment kombacha 1/2 day

Ok so using raw honey, Pasteur red wine yeast and tea…
1/2 day of fermentation
Film on top


I read that using raw honey or yeast with a scoby could ruin the scoby because it would throw off the balance between the bacteria/yeast symbiosis… However, I have a hypothesis… I wondered if I could make my own scoby, using raw honey for the good bacteria supply and wine yeast for the yeast supply…… Hmmmmm

However, if you want to know the proper way here is a good website

Oh and I’ve never even tried kumbacha…

Experiment kombucha part 1


Kombucha is an effervescent fermentation of sweetened tea that is used as a functional food.

Sometimes referred to as a “mushroom” or “mother”, the kombucha culture is actually a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY).


Ok, I don’t have a scoby but I do have tea, raw honey and wine yeast….
Since a scoby is a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast I figure I can experiment using raw honey (source of bacteria) and wine yeast (source of yeast) (I will be using Pasteur red active dry wine yeast)

Do I think this will work? No! But experiments are fun




2 individual tea bags
3 tablespoons raw honey
3 cups of hot tap water (run through keurig)

Let cool to warm

Added 1/4 tsp yeast

(Separated out some liquid to mix with the yeast… Too hot kills yeast)
(Crap- I forgot to let the main mixture cool more before adding my yeast mixture- double crap!!!) (I may have killed my yeast…. Won’t know until later)

Wait and see…….



My improvised airlock that I use when making wine/hard cider
Basically a baggie over the mouth of the jar tied loosely to prevent dust, bugs and other yuckies from getting in but allowing for fermentation.

Again I don’t think this will work but hey it’s worth a try…..

I think at best it with make sweet tea wine

Fermenting 1/2 day