Attempting to roast coffee beans with stirring popcorn popper

Ok so I read that you can roast your own coffee….I know shocking!๐Ÿ™€(sarcasm)

Anyway, I decided to try but I don’t have a coffee roaster and well I like to experiment and read that a popcorn popper will work as well…(I obviously have one of those)
So I checked out prices for green coffee beans…. Expensive because either considered “gourmet” thus = expensive or fairly priced but the shipping was horrendous (for my limited budget)…. So I did what I always do when I’m broke but want to experiment with a new hobby, I went to eBay and found


I liked the price, the 12ounces and the description so I bought it.
It arrived today…. Excellent shipping time!
I set right out to roast…..




I tried following this website– color guide. As you can see the pics didn’t match theirs but they probably used a real coffee roaster….. I did not…. I think they were some where around 1st crack. I didn’t want to burn the coffee beans and supposedly the darker you get the more “roast” flavor you get and less “origin/original” flavor of the bean….
We shall grind up some tmw for a taste test.

Coffee roast colors

My final result


The original unroasted coffee beans are in the glass bowl.


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