Surgical correction for circumcision complication

One mother’s 2 1/2 yr old son who had meatal stenosis as a complication of his circumcision as a newborn.
Not only was he subjected to the scalpel as a newborn but at 2 1/2 he needed corrective surgery and then the painful process of recovery.

People, please realize that all that pain was unnecessary! It wasn’t a harmless little snip! This boy had issues and surgery because as a baby someone decided to amputate a healthy part of his genitals for no reason!

For my son’s surgery, the urologist had to reopen the pocket on the tip of the penis to make it to the appropriate size. He was under general anesthesia and handled that part relatively well. He even urinated before we left the hospital without complaining of the customary burning feeling after a surgery of that nature. For the next two weeks, we had to put lidocaine on the tip and use a little pointed tool to insert into the tip of the penis so that it wouldn’t reclose and heal incorrectly. That was the hardest part. It hurt him the first few days since the area was still tender from surgery, but after that period he was a trooper.

To fix the adhesions around the base of the shaft the surgeon cut a ring around to reopen them. We were instructed to put K-Y Jelly around the ring each time he went to the bathroom for the first month. After that, we put the K-Y on just after his bath and first thing in the morning. This is something that we have to monitor to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

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