Growing green coffee beans…


Ok, remember I bought green coffee beans to attempt roasting my own? Well while I was researching that I also looked up how to grow a coffee plant.
Supposedly, the fresher the green coffee bean aka the seed the more likely it will be to germinate and grow. The best bet is to get a few coffee cherries (coffee seeds are covered in skin and pulp) de-pulp them and plant them. Well I don’t have those so I experimented with the next best thing…
Plain dried green coffee beans aka seeds….
I read that you should soak them in water for about 24 hrs…. I may have left them for 36 hrs.
Anything that floats is a dud… Toss’em
After 24 hrs you should notice germination occurring.

4 germinated for me out of about 25… Several of those floated as well…





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