Informed is not extreme

(A link to Single dad laughing’s post that inspired the below blogger to write is located towards the bottom of this page)


Sharing information is not extreme. This is an illogical connection. Informed is Not Extreme:

It is easy to be offended if anyone tries to tell us that there might be a better way. After all, we have poured our heart and soul into giving our children the best life possible. If we have been doing it “wrong” our hearts might actually break.

There is another group of people though which is made up of mothers, fathers, researchers, psychologists and scientists who are trying to share information. These people are not extremists, they are not rude, they are not trying to personally insult anyone, or break the heart of a parent by sharing facts. These individuals are simply trying to make known the truth of their discoveries.

Their words are not popular. Their findings are inconvenient. Their evidence shows us that as a culture we have been way, way off. The information that this group shares is difficult to learn.


to read entire article:

quick start: circumcision:

“Parents want to make the best decision for the health of their children, but not all … health departments and medical bodies are equally forthcoming with information for parents on the risks of circumcision and care of the normal (intact) penis.”

single dad laughing’s post that inspired this post:

Excerpt from his post

I’ve written about this briefly before, but today I want to dive in a little deeper. I know this post will cause some debate. That’s okay. Talking about things can never be bad. Just please, let’s try to keep it civil.

Ever since I started Single Dad Laughing more than two and a half years ago, I have been approached by all sorts of zealots and extremists for various causes. Some of them passionately encouraged me to write in support of their views, others have threatened to destroy my name and blog if I don’t jump onto their bandwagon.

The strangest of all of those, to me, are the ones that I really have nothing to do with. Like when a group of extreme breastfeeding mothers threatened to sweep the internet and ruin me to all parent groups everywhere.

When I got those messages (some of which were very recent), I laughed. I could just hear it, “boycott Single Dad Laughing because he’s a horrible human being! He refuses to write about the need to breastfeed!” And then I laughed again as I wondered if they even knew that Noah is adopted. That boy hasn’t had a breast in his mouth yet, and hopefully he won’t for another decade. Or three.

And then there’s the anti-circumcision group. They’ve made similar threats.

In fact, these two groups (who I have my suspicions are often one and the same) have approached me multiple times, sometimes nicely, sometimes horribly, and have by far been the most vocal of all the extremists. They’ve had their eye on my platform, and feel like I owe it to them to use it on their behalf.

I don’t care how much data you show that circumcision is the worst thing on earth. I’ve seen enough to know that the majority of the people who are vocal about it are mothers. They’re not the men who had their foreskins whopped off as children. Sure, there are some, and yes some of them are also vocal about it, and some of them it has affected, and some of them wish they still had every bit of their penis in place, but the vast, vast majority of circumcised men don’t give a crap, just like me. I’m thankful my parents had mine taken off.

I also don’t give a crap how much data you show me that circumcision is just fine, almost always undamaging, and how people later in life suffer emotionally and physically if they’re not cut. I just don’t care enough to be extreme myself about something so many people have been so extreme to each other about.

A parent’s response to his post:













below is a link to pictures of a circumcision…. Look at it and realize this torture is happening to a child

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