What moms from other countries think about infant circumcision

Retrieved from babycenter






From intact Hawaii on Facebook






from soggy mamas Facebook fan page status update:

‎”Let’s just say we have 10 men in a room. In walks someone who says, “Look, we’re gonna hack off a piece of your D*cks. It’s all the rage and women seem to love it”.

7 men say, “Cool, I want women to like me”, and the other 3 men say, “No Fuckin’ way!!! Your All F*ckin’ Nuts!!! I don’t want my D*ck Mutilated. And, it’s my d*ck. It belongs to me. What give you the right to make that choice? It’s my sexuality”

“Well, we asked your Parents and since you spent 9 mo in your Moms womb she says we can. She says your hers, you belong to her.”

“Well, I’m a Grown ass man, what does my Mother sexual Preference have to do with me? I’m never gonna have sexual relations with her, why should she dictate what happens to my Penis? She hasn’t even seen my penis since I was 10 years old”

“Well, we have seven other men here that say it’s a good idea. So we all think your just being a baby about it” “So, That’s them. Just because they like a mutilated d*ck doesn’t mean I want one. What gives any one the right to do that?”

“Well, Your Dads says He has every right to do what he wants with your penis because he’s your dad, and he wants you to look just like him.”

“I look Plenty like my parents, It’s my d*ck not my dads d*ck.” Parents, “Well, we listen to all the reasons you said not to do it, we weighed it all, and we decided that even though it’s your body, your Penis, your sexuality, and your choice, we’re still gonna forcefully hack off part of your Penis because we want to prove we have a Parental Right to do so.” ~Travis R Tippetts

Sound legit? (reposted by maria)







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