Mod podge coffee cups


Ok so I’ve been looking into custom photo designed coffee mugs….
They are expensive! $11.99-13.99 and up!
So I googled making your own photo mug…. Lots of work buying special paper, measuring, sealants… Etc

So I thought…. What about stickers???
So I went to the crafting section at Walmart and bought scrapbooking stickers for $1 and mod podge spray (comes in goo form as well) for about $5-$7 (can’t remember) and when I got home I pulled out my 3 plain coffee cups and went to town….
First I put the stickers on the mugs
Then I sprayed the mod podge
Let it dry

Here is the outcome




A couple of the stickers are lifting at the ends…. Next time I need to spray the mid podge first, place the sticker, let dry, check that sticker is flat, then spray, dry, spray, dry, spray, dry…..

They did come out pretty though….

Next test will be to see if I can wash them in the dishwasher or if they have to be hand washed……




Do not stick in dishwasher


5 thoughts on “Mod podge coffee cups

  1. There is now a dishwasher safe Mod Podge. I think you have to either heat cure it (in the oven) or let it cure for 28 days before putting in the dishwasher. Check it out…

    • I’ve seen it (the dishwasher modge podge)since this post was posted. I’ll have to give it a try one day.
      Needless to say, this post, my first experience with modge page of any sort was an abysmal disaster.

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