(I did not write any of this. Click link for full article)

One parenting hot button that I don’t often share my feelings about is circumcision. Why? Because it is ultimately up to the parents to decide, unless it becomes banned, like female genital cutting in Germany and other nations. Though many disagree with the statement that it is up to the parents, asserting that it is really up to the baby but since they cannot vocalize their opinion on the matter for a few more years, parents do what they want. If we disagree, well, I will feel sadness for the boy but what can I do after the fact? Refuse to speak to the parents? I don’t think that’s fair.


But wait. Why should I care about circumcision when I don’t have a son after all, just two daughters? Because genital mutilation is an international human rights issue and stories of babies who die from the procedure or little girls or wives who were cut make me incredibly sad. Because female genital mutilation was only just banned in the US in 1996. I could have been cut if my parents desired it. Because it affects my husband and he is passionate about how terribly wrong circumcision is.


Out of 100 circumcised boys, 100 will bleed. 100 will have been mutilated against their will.100 will question the validity as adults or at least think about it and decide if they will continue the tradition or break it when they have their own son.

Out of 100 circumcised boys, how many will die?

When will this stop?


Have you seen the difference between an intact and a cut penis? On an infant?

I’ve never seen a side by side comparison of infants. Or adults, for that matter. Judging by the photos below, foreskin looks so natural on the boy on the left and the circumcision on the boy on the left looks so painful. Why cut them??


below is a link to pictures of a circumcision…. Look at it and realize this torture is happening to a child



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