Eck ick uck…. Pin worms

So my youngest has pin worms…. I’m assuming he got them from daycare cause my oldest doesn’t have them (as of the moment no visible egg laying adults or itchiness)
Supposedly, you ingest the microscopic eggs (obviously by accident) and 2 months later you get egg laying adults and that’s when the horribly fun itching begins.

So for about 5 days my youngest has been complaining about butt itching. (He’s 4)… I I applied diaper cream and that helped for a few days but in the past 2-3 days and nights he has been restless, cranky and non-stop complaining of itching. So yesterday when I was wiping his butt (I was up close and personal) I noticed 2 worms so immediately I read up on pin worms.
1) extremely contagious as the eggs are microscopic, get under nails, hands go in mouth and wah-la re-infestation… (Or eggs can float in air and you can swallow them and initial Infestation
2) combined medical treatments and homeopathic treatments work better than either alone….

So I bought pin x


And the I bought garlic capsules and hydrocortisone cream and used in conjunction with diaper cream I already have and spread it several times a day. Supposedly, the eggs stick to the cream/Vaseline and don’t float and are easier to wipe off. The garlic supposedly kills the eggs. Raw garlic is best but I’m just popping the garlic capsule and mixing with the cortisone cream and diaper cream and then applying.
3) I’ve also bought through amazon a homeopathic alcohol free black walnut hull – wormwood tincture. (Alcohol free on cause its my son and not me)
It should arrive soon and I’ll give it daily to the boys just in case…..
4) treat your whole household just in case to prevent re-infections…..

2 years ago my oldest (now 6) had Molluscum contagiosum

What finally got rid of them was thuja (herb) oral tablets on conjunction with medicated wart stickers from the drug store and in between stickers using a bandaid to hold a colloidal silver and lavender essential oil soaked cotton ball to the warts. Luckily they never spread in mass…. The stayed localized to one butt cheek and thigh with a total of no more than 8 warts. I’ve heard they can get bad if you pop them or then get scratched they can spread like crazy.


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