Woman rewilding: circumcision thoughts / and Melissa Neece

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I feel very fortunate that our family supports us in our child-raising decisions basically no matter what! We experienced no lectures on the matter, thankfully. I feel as though people may have avoided asking me about this subject due to them wanting to avoid a “lecture” – coming from me!
I had an interesting personal experience with this matter a couple of months ago. I have a friend with a family whom I love and support. They are of a judaism tradition, and they are very devoted to their spiritual path. They too had zero ultrasounds when they were pregnant with their second child (and their first for that matter) – and were basing the sex of their child upon intuition alone. About a month before the birth of their child, my friend told me they were still deciding upon the circumcision tradition and how they would want it to be performed.
At that moment, I completely dropped out and was no longer able to communicate. For me personally, I needed to take a step back and create some space so that I wouldn’t have a reaction that I may not be pleased about in the future. Taking time and space is one of the healthiest things I’ve ever experienced, I highly recommend at least taking a moment to decide which path to take in a situation that brings up personal triggers.

One of the strangest concepts that I somehow cannot grasp – is that parents think they only need to concern themselves with the “plan of circumcision” if they are having a boy. Do you know how completely odd and sexist that sounds to me personally? Very.
So basically, it is the “norm” to mutilate the genitals of males, yet if a parent had the same thoughts about circumcising their female daughter, they might get their daughter taken away or the parents go to jail in this country. That’s not a double standard at all, nope.

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