I’m upset. One of the parenting humor blogs I follow on Facebook is adamantly pro-circumcision and makes fun if men who feel they have been harmed by circumcision.
I had to unlike her page. I know I am only one person, one like and it won’t even show up as a blurp on the radar but morally I cannot follow her page.
She is co-admin of another page and I will still follow that just because it isn’t only her POV but other co-admins as well and it is a humor page , not a parenting humor page.

I understand not wanting to be judged for your parenting behaviors or mistakes but being actively advocating cutting an infant and demeaning the men who circumcision has harmed crosses the line.
(She has her comments in the comment section to this effect)


It seems in her case, even though the info was thrown at her (maybe too roughly) she chose to actively ignore and deride it.


(Disclaimer: in no way am I saying she is a bad mom. In fact, I relate to many of her posts. However, I can no longer actively or passively promote her blog either through Facebook or through sharing on my personal blog)

On a side note:
This made me smile





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