XxxY- short documentary on intersexed children

Xxy- children born with ambiguous genitalia. Drs can’t tell if baby is boy or girl. Many drs force or surgically remove genital parts so that the child confirms more to genital norms.

So, not only do we need to protect “boys” and “girls” from genital cutting we need to protect the children born with parts of both sexes….

The video: – Winner, Best Documentary at 2001 Student Academy Awards, and at only 13 minutes long, Porter Gale and Laleh Soomekh’s documentary, XXXY, is essential filmmaking. A look at people born with ambiguous genitalia who had the grave misfortune of having their sex surgically decided for them as infants, the film concisely and powerfully conveys horror, injustice and tremendous personal fortitude. And it does all this through its straightforward cinematic visit with 24-year-old Kristi and clinical psychologist Howard Devore, two individuals who endured the experience themselves.

The film’s stripped down quality — talking heads, the occasional shot of a childhood home, or Kristi on a bike — means there’s nothing to interfere with the pair’s stories; the impact is profound. Plenty of others thought so too; after a successful international festival run, the film was awarded a student Academy Award gold medal.

Both Gale and Soomekh had been pursuing other careers before filmmaking became an option. Gale had been in New York, working in advertising, while Soomekh was freelancing as a photographer and teaching emotionally disturbed children. Both women wanted to move in a direction that would afford opportunities for combining their creative and socially progressive impulses. They enrolled in Stanford’s two-year film program, where XXXY was the result of an assignment to collaborate with a classmate.

— Filmmaker Magazine, Summer 2001,

The medical construction of gender

(Gag gag gag)

Intersex- surgical correction/ surgical abuse


After 5 mins this video gets better


Women with AIS
Genetically male, outwardly female


Eight families with transgender and gender non-conforming children ranging in ages from 5 to 25 share their stories. With the healthy development of their children at stake, parents must confront binary perceptions of gender, widespread transphobia and controversial parenting decisions.





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