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The emails coming in for All Of The Things – class gift, end of year letters, luncheon signup, party supplies, awards ceremonies, pictures for the slide shows, final projects – are like a tsunami of doom. They are endless. I mean, they will never ever end. There is no end of it. I will never finish and turn it all in and get it to the (correct) Room Mom and get it all emailed and I am pretty sure the final week of school will never be over and this is the end for me.


“You don’t have to do all that, you know. Just blow it off.”

Me, staring blankly:

“Well, what a lovely thought you’re having there in your brain. How nice for you to be thinking that thought. I want to live in your imaginary world where my failure to do the School Stuff doesn’t mean our kid is the only one not wearing a purple shirt or didn’t have his pictures in the slideshow or didn’t bring in a handmade card for his teacher like every other student. I’ll just ‘blow it off’ and our kids can work it out with their therapists later.”


“You don’t even know about all this, man.”

So, Mom out there sending Lunchables with your kid, making her wear shoes with holes because we’re.almost.there, practicing “auditory reading” with your 1st grader, I got your back, sister. We were awesome back in October; don’t you forget that. We used to care, and that counts for something. Next year’s teachers will get a fresher version of us in August, and they won’t even know the levels of suckage we will succumb to by May. Hang in there, Mama. Just a few more days until summer, when approximately 19 minutes into our glorious respite from homework, liberated from the crush of it all, ready to party like it’s 1999, our precious children, having whooped and celebrated and “graduated” and squealed all the way home will announce:

“I’m bored.”


Baby in Israel in critical condition after circumcision

Baby in critical condition after circumcision
Barely breathing boy rushed to hospital following ritual
By STUART WINER May 30, 2013, 3:25 pm 26

A baby boy slipped into unconsciousness during a circumcision ceremony and was taken to hospital in a critical condition on Thursday.

The eight-day-old infant underwent the brit milah ritual at the Pinhas Lavon synagogue in Holon when he stopped breathing and lost pulse.

I can’t find anymore info on the baby than the above article.
Poor baby, poor family. I don’t know if they were about to resuscitate him….

Moore, Oklahoma tornado

Google link to images

A synopsis of the tornado damage

Two dozen children still missing

Need to lighten up…

Wow, I need to lighten up this blog.
I do have more on my mind than cosmetic surgeries! Sigh!

I live in a transient community. Meaning, the makeup of the community is constantly changing as some people leave and new people come in. Last year was hard and this year is harder to say good bye to friends who are leaving. Next year, we will be leaving…..
Makes me mope.

However, that’s not lightening up. I’ve sunk to reading teen fiction. Currently, I’m reading the Percy Jackson Olympian series by Rick Roirdan. I like it. It’s fun fiction with Greek gods, demigods, monsters, nymphs, satyrs and with evil plots that will destroy the world.

My oldest, has become quite the artist. He started with drawing Angry Birds and now he is working on dinosaurs. I’m so impressed. My youngest, has made it his mission to pester my oldest and not let daddy do anything for him….

Everything, is slow right now, not bad, just slow……


Circumcision: a mother’s story by Nancy S

This link will take you to the story of a mother who had her infant son circumcised in 1989. There were no immediate complications.
22 yrs later he son repeatedly confront her about it and they have many dialogues. She thinks he is over-reacting until she comes to the realization that to him the circumcision was akin to rape.
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Circumcised boys more penile issues



clinical findings are much more common in these boys than previously reported in retrospective studies. The circumcised penis requires more care than the intact penis during the first 3 years of life.



Consent, barrel of oranges and circumcision, circumcised boys have more problems






(So circumcised boys have more issues with their genitals than intact boys of the same age)

A female circumcision device- yikes!!!


Dog tore ccl again….

Well Peppermint tore her CCL (analogous to our ACL) again…. This time the other back leg…. So now she has had surgery on both her knees….

The grand total this time was over $1,600 because while she was under we had the vet remove a large fatty tumor from her belly….

X-rays also showed the Beginings of arthritis in her hips…. She out little 8 yr old (be 9 in Nov) is just falling apart….. Sigh

Abortion- all or nothing????

Click and read the link. what I’ve posted below are only excerpts

“So just as I grew irritated with the pro-life movement for its inconsistency and simplistic solutions, I grew irritated with the pro-choice movement for its callousness and disinterest in discussing the very real ethical concerns surrounding the termination of a pregnancy. ”
“When I explained on Twitter that a post about abortion isn’t simple enough to fit into 600 words, a guy tweeted back, “Sure it is. I can fit it in three: It’s always wrong.”

Is it?

When the life or health of the mother is at stake?

In the case of rape or incest?

When a woman’s body naturally disposes of a zygote?

Meanwhile, my more liberal friends begged me not to write anything at all. It’s too complicated, they said, too controversial, too complex.

Is it?

When the life of the weaker is taken by the stronger?

When one out of five pregnancies in this country end in abortion?

When places like these( Kermit Gosnell) fail to get shut down in part because we’ve turned abortion into such a political issue? ”

“I am still unsure of exactly how to do this. I don’t even know where to start, really. The more I learn, the more complex this issue becomes. But the Gosnell case does in fact point to something simple: that we are failing to care for the most marginalized and helpless among us, be they unborn children or women whose desperation sent them to Gosnell’s clinic. And we won’t be able to promote a “culture of life” until we are willing to advocate on behalf of both.

Perhaps God has called those of us who feel “stuck in the middle” to do exactly that.


What do you think?

How has your thinking on abortion changed and evolved through the years? What was your response to the Gosnell story?

And what sort of PRACTICAL steps can Christians take to to both address the complexities of abortion and actually curb the abortion rate?”

(Personally, I am pro-life, however, like this author I find myself confused)





Kermit Gosnell = sicko bastard

The post that made me anti-circumcision

I did not circumcise my sons. I did not see the need. However, I was not anti-circumcision or an Intactivist until I read this post by earthymotherhood

Spending the day next to a victim of circumcision
Yesterday we spent the day at hospital as my son had to have a suspicious lump removed from his shin. We’re awaiting the results and he’s a tough little person who is coping well- he barely seems to notice the fact that he even had surgery. He is almost 4 years old and is way too active to let something like 15 stitches slow him down!

We arrived at the hospital at 7am. Just waiting for his surgery was traumatic enough to have to deal with, but our day got worse when I casually asked the parents in the bed next to us what their son was here for.
Dad: “Oh, it’s a circumcision thing.”
Myself: “Pardon?”
Dad: “He’s having surgery on his circumcision.”
Myself: “Sorry? He’s being circumcised?”
Dad: “Oh, no, they are fixing the first one.”
Myself: “Done recently?”
Dad: “No, he had it done as a newborn.”
Myself: “Oh, that’s horrific….”

I had to grit my teeth and turn my head and try not to say something which would only inflame what was already a bad situation with a room full of starving children who weren’t even allowed water as they were all awaiting surgery.

Not only had this poor little boy already been mutilated, but they had mutilated him so that he needed surgery to correct the first mutilation. Two unnecessary surgeries and the poor little boy was 18 months old.

Although I was anxious about my own son’s necessary surgery, I found it hard not to think about the poor little boy in the bed next to us. How did he feel when he was first done? How much pain had he been in since then because of the first unnecessary surgery? How much pain would he be in after this one?

The thought of them cutting into my son’s flesh made me feel so awful, but the thought of insisting it is done to your newborn son’s genitals makes me feel absolutely revolted.

He was the child to go in before my son, and as I watched them carry him into surgery I couldn’t help but be angry. I would have done anything to not be in a hospital with my son, and the thought of this little boy being there because his parents chose to remove healthy tissue from his genitals when he was days old made me feel quite ill.

While their son was in recovery, my son was wheeled into theatre and I held his hand and stroked him while they anaesthetized him. I went back into the ward and waited for my son’s surgery to be finished.

Both of the little boy’s parents were waiting there as I waited for my son’s surgery to be over. We exchanged polite smiles and leafed through newspapers. I watched the clock and hoped my son’s surgery would be over soon. They came to tell me my son was in recovery but wouldn’t be awake for a while as he was drowsy from morphine (which I never imagined they would give to a child, actually!). I jiggled my feet and waited for when my son was awake enough so I could go and be with him.

Then they wheeled the little boy in. He was screaming and sobbing, clawing his way out of the metal crib to cling to his parents. They held him and rocked him and he screamed. They sang him songs and walked him around and he screamed. Nurses came in and pulled the curtain around the bed, talking to the parents and checking his nappy for blood. The little boy continued to scream. They gave him morphine and he went from screaming to sobbing, curled into a little ball as his parents rocked him, shushed him, patted him, rubbed him. For half an hour I sat next to the curtain pulled around his crib and I had to try not to cry for this poor little boy. His heart started to beat too fast and more morphine was administered. They laid him on the crib and he whimpered in his sleep, his body curled into the foetal position.

My son was rousing so I went to recovery and sat with him for 20 minutes while he drifted in and out of consciousness. The mass in his shin wasn’t what they expected and they had to remove much more than they thought. I thought he’d have 6 stitches, he has around 15. When he was ready to be moved back to the ward as we got back I could hear the little boy still whimpering, his mother out in the hall having some space while his father tried to soothe him.

We had to wait 3 more hours before we could take our son home. The entire time we were there post-surgery, the little boy next to us whimpered and cried in his sleep, his heart rate checked constantly. He would rouse and flail about, crying and raggedly choking on his own sobs. He pulled out the canula in his arm, spilling blood on the floor between our beds. I felt incredibly sick and incredibly sorry for this small person who had to be there because of a mistake.

When we left, they were still there, waiting for their son to be well enough to take home. Children who had been operated after my son was being discharged and this tiny little boy was still whimpering in his sleep, full of painkillers to numb a pain he never had to experience.

I’ve been an intactivist for years. When I discovered my son’s sex I researched circumcision and realised just how barbaric it is. What I saw yesterday horrified me, and I was watching a toddler experience it. I can’t imagine how awful it must be to see a newborn after male genital mutilation. This small boy was given a pre-operative sedative, general anaesthetic, morphine, codeine, paracetamol and more morphine- and he still whimpered in his sleep. I fail to see how anyone could say that a baby barely notices being circumcised- and with no anaesthetic and paracetamol for pain relief.

I’d give anything to keep my son away from a surgeon and away from pain.

I can’t begin to grasp why anyone would willingly hand their perfectly whole, well child to a surgeon- and ask them to cut off healthy tissue for aesthetic or religious purposes.
Earthy Motherhood at 8:04 PM


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