Abortion- all or nothing????


Click and read the link. what I’ve posted below are only excerpts

“So just as I grew irritated with the pro-life movement for its inconsistency and simplistic solutions, I grew irritated with the pro-choice movement for its callousness and disinterest in discussing the very real ethical concerns surrounding the termination of a pregnancy. ”
“When I explained on Twitter that a post about abortion isn’t simple enough to fit into 600 words, a guy tweeted back, “Sure it is. I can fit it in three: It’s always wrong.”

Is it?

When the life or health of the mother is at stake?

In the case of rape or incest?

When a woman’s body naturally disposes of a zygote?

Meanwhile, my more liberal friends begged me not to write anything at all. It’s too complicated, they said, too controversial, too complex.

Is it?

When the life of the weaker is taken by the stronger?

When one out of five pregnancies in this country end in abortion?

When places like these( Kermit Gosnell) fail to get shut down in part because we’ve turned abortion into such a political issue? ”

“I am still unsure of exactly how to do this. I don’t even know where to start, really. The more I learn, the more complex this issue becomes. But the Gosnell case does in fact point to something simple: that we are failing to care for the most marginalized and helpless among us, be they unborn children or women whose desperation sent them to Gosnell’s clinic. And we won’t be able to promote a “culture of life” until we are willing to advocate on behalf of both.

Perhaps God has called those of us who feel “stuck in the middle” to do exactly that.


What do you think?

How has your thinking on abortion changed and evolved through the years? What was your response to the Gosnell story?

And what sort of PRACTICAL steps can Christians take to to both address the complexities of abortion and actually curb the abortion rate?”


(Personally, I am pro-life, however, like this author I find myself confused)





Kermit Gosnell = sicko bastard




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