Need to lighten up…

Wow, I need to lighten up this blog.
I do have more on my mind than cosmetic surgeries! Sigh!

I live in a transient community. Meaning, the makeup of the community is constantly changing as some people leave and new people come in. Last year was hard and this year is harder to say good bye to friends who are leaving. Next year, we will be leaving…..
Makes me mope.

However, that’s not lightening up. I’ve sunk to reading teen fiction. Currently, I’m reading the Percy Jackson Olympian series by Rick Roirdan. I like it. It’s fun fiction with Greek gods, demigods, monsters, nymphs, satyrs and with evil plots that will destroy the world.

My oldest, has become quite the artist. He started with drawing Angry Birds and now he is working on dinosaurs. I’m so impressed. My youngest, has made it his mission to pester my oldest and not let daddy do anything for him….

Everything, is slow right now, not bad, just slow……



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