Using the term Nazi while joking

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As I switched from my history lesson back to present times, I noticed someone had shared a blog post on Facebook using “nazi” in a casual way. You know, the “grammar nazi, cleaning nazi, [insert word here] nazi… or how could any of us forget the Seinfeld “soup nazi”? I never really thought any thing of the reference, and I am quite sure I’ve participated in the offhand use of the word.
This time I felt extremely uncomfortable reading it. I started questioning whether or not it would be respectful to use the term in such a casual way. I don’t mean taking into account politically correct terms…but more importantly, this has to do with avoiding hurting people who have been hurt and giving respect to those who have suffered greatly.


Lowercase definition- nazi: “a person who holds and acts brutally in accordance with extreme racist or authoritarian views.”

Click on blog link and scroll down to watch a remembrance video

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