Excerpt from: Land of Yu-phonia

I did not write this. I love this piece. Click the link below the excerpt to read the entire piece.

Land of Yu-Phonia
by Rosemary Romberg (Wiener)
illustrations by Linda Tagliaferro

I once went to visit a far off land. As soon as I arrived there I noticed that the people all looked just like us except for one thing. Hardly any of them had ears. On the sides of almost all of the people’s heads were small holes surrounded by small scars where ears should be. I imagined that this was probably an unusual breed of people who were born that way.

I had been visiting for a few days when I came upon a group of children. All of them were earless, just like nearly all the inhabitants of Yu-Phonia. Some of these children stared at me with fascinated curiosity. I soon realized why. I have ears. Soon a woman came along and scolded the children. “It’s not nice to stare at people! Now, go away and leave her alone!”


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No ears link

A couple of years ago I came across a blog that had a fictional story written from POV of a foreign friend and researcher or reporter who visited a fictional town that cut the ears off all the children at birth because they thought it was cleaner and nicer looking. It was a parody of pro-circumcision culture.
I thought I posted it on my blog but I can’t find it. A friend says I posted it a year ago on my personal fb page but I can’t find it…(I post too much)

Does anyone know the link address for that blog piece?
Can anyone post it in the comments section for me?
Thank you

Found it

Um dishwasher cooking… Um okay…

Seems like a interesting concept…

Lasagna :
Epic meal time cooking in the dishwasher
(Bad language and crude joke warnings)

In Italian

Roasted veal in mackerel sauce


Brooklyn Roastery k-cups

So the other day I looked in my half full k-cup coffee drawer. I estimate I still had about 40-50 various brands and flavors but decided I just needed more options. Now, I usually order from keurig.com or just pick up a box at the grocery but I decided to browse Amazon.com and much to my surprise I came across brands I’d never seen before. I read the reviews to Brooklyn Roastery and many were positive so I choose the 40 k-cup variety pack. With prime shipping it arrive in 2 days. (A typical keurig.com order takes a week to arrive after being shipped even though I only live 3 hours from their Atlanta starting point)
The foil covers on the Brooklyn K-cups seem a bit haphazardly put on but only one k-cup was actually leaking grounds.
Today, I tried 2 of the flavors today. 1st the Fuggedabouit and then later the Breakfast decaf. Both had a nice non-acidic taste. Neither was over powering or too strong. (I don’t like Starbucks, newmons, or caribou because they are too strong for my tummy)







-tried the French vanilla one- yummy
– tried the maple- yummy

My vote is that this is tasty coffee

Errors and then some funnies

Please excuse some of the numerous typos and errors in my blog. Oftentimes, for pieces I’ve written I’m using Siri voice to text or I’m not paying attention to what autocorrect thinks I’m spelling and then publishing before editing.
I know that’s not professional but then again I’m not actually a professional blogger or writer….

These memes are taken from google images