Excerpt from: Land of Yu-phonia

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Land of Yu-Phonia
by Rosemary Romberg (Wiener)
illustrations by Linda Tagliaferro

I once went to visit a far off land. As soon as I arrived there I noticed that the people all looked just like us except for one thing. Hardly any of them had ears. On the sides of almost all of the people’s heads were small holes surrounded by small scars where ears should be. I imagined that this was probably an unusual breed of people who were born that way.

I had been visiting for a few days when I came upon a group of children. All of them were earless, just like nearly all the inhabitants of Yu-Phonia. Some of these children stared at me with fascinated curiosity. I soon realized why. I have ears. Soon a woman came along and scolded the children. “It’s not nice to stare at people! Now, go away and leave her alone!”


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No ears link

A couple of years ago I came across a blog that had a fictional story written from POV of a foreign friend and researcher or reporter who visited a fictional town that cut the ears off all the children at birth because they thought it was cleaner and nicer looking. It was a parody of pro-circumcision culture.
I thought I posted it on my blog but I can’t find it. A friend says I posted it a year ago on my personal fb page but I can’t find it…(I post too much)

Does anyone know the link address for that blog piece?
Can anyone post it in the comments section for me?
Thank you

Found it

Circumcision deaths

There are powerful jewish lobby groups that fight against any banning of circumcision in various countries yet even some jewish people are calling it barbaric and calling for the tortuous practice to be banned.

Jews Against Circumcision

We are a group of educated and enlightened Jews who realize that the barbaric, primitive, torturous, and mutilating practice of circumcision has no place in modern Judaism.

Rabbi Moses Maimonides himself acknowledged that circumcision is done to desensitize the penis and curb masturbation.

Jews are some of the smartest people in the world. We are 1/3rd of 1% of the population, yet we hold 33% of Nobel prizes. We are smart enough to understand that mutilating a little boys’ penis is not an acceptable practice in modern times.


A current ballot measure in San Francisco seeks to ban circumcision with no religious exception. Many people have called this ballot anti-semitic and anti-muslim. This is simply not true. All babies deserve genital integrity and autonomy over their bodies. No one has the right to make a decision for a child to alter his body for non-medical reasons, including religion. Religous Freedom does not give one the right to mutilate someone elses’s body, even if that person is their child. Parents only have the right to make medically valid decisions for their minor child, like a tonsillectomy or appendectomy. Circumcision is not medically valid.


Yes, this is a horrible comic. The comic is anti-semitic and anti-muslim and the author displayed incredibly poor judgement by releasing it. We do not defend this comic although he is entitled to Freedom of Press and Freedom to Protest, even when it’s offensive. Despite him having poor judgement on the comic issue, he is still right in his law to protect babies.

•Do not be afraid to be the first to change and lead your parents, family and community into modern times! Your primary responsibility is to take care of your son, not to satisfy other people’s need for tradition. Your community will eventually see the light.

•What does tradition mean to you? Does it mean putting your son’s welfare second? Do you blindly follow tradition even when it maims and mutilates?

•Do not be afraid to think for yourself. Circumcision is barbaric and you are a better parent for not mutilating your son’s penis.

•Do not be afraid to question tradition rather than blindly accepting it. Circumcision continues in our faith because of indoctrination, fear of change, and so-called tradition. Remember that our religious leaders are the products of this same indoctrination.

•If you were told to circumcise your daughter’s vulva, would you blindly obey? Or would you question the order and choose to protect your daughter? Shouldn’t we treat our boys with the same consideration and respect?

•Do not be afraid of divine punishment. God did not mandate circumcision. In the original version of the Torah, the book of J, circumcision is not even mentioned. Fallible men devised circumcision as a way to curb masturbation. Even Rabbi Maimonides acknowledged this fact.

Identified victims

Some victims of circumcision are known by name. They are:

•Julius Katzenstein: 8-days-old, bled to death after circumcision, 14 December 1856, New York, NY, USA.
•Myer Jacob Levy: 8-days-old, bled to death after circumcision, 18 April 1858, New York, NY, USA.
•Aleck, Baby Boy: Died June 10, 1910, Island County, Washington, USA.
•Michael Julian Baldwin: infant boy, 4-days-old, hemorrhage after circumcision. 21 August 1927, Monroe County, Indiana, USA.
•Baby boy Lebeau, death by circumcision, April 1942, Quebec, Canada.
•Roland Albert McCarty: infant boy. Death by infection of circumcision wound. Died 1932, Jacksonville, Florida, USA.
•”J.B.”: Died December 1942, Evanston, Illinois, USA.
•Bruce Wechsler: infant boy, Staph infection following circumcision. 1957, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
•Chino Burrell: 7-months-old, death by circumcision, 9 June 1974, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
•Christopher Dolezal: Died November 1982, Des Moines, IA, USA.
•Steven Christopher Chacon: Died November 1986, San Francisco, CA, USA.
•Boma Oruitemeka: Death by circumcision, severe hemorrhage. 1990, London, England, UK.
•Raju Miah: Death by circumcision. July 1991, Birmingham, England, United Kingdom.
•Allen A. Ervin: Died July 8, 1992, Spartanburg, SC
•Demetrius Manker: Died June 23, 1993, Carol City, Dade County, Florida, USA.17
•Jeremie Johnson: Died July 18, 1995, Houston, TX, USA.19
•Dustin Evans: Died October 1998, Cleveland, OH, USA.
•Ryleigh Roman Bryan McWillis: Died August 22, 2002, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada35
•Zola Mjamba: Died November 19, 2002, Umtata, South Africa
•Sifiso Kobo: Died November 21, 2002, Umtata, South Africa
•Nui Jia Yuan, 4-years-old. Death by asphyxia following circumcision. March 26, 2003, Singapore.
•Callis Osaghae: Monday, August 18, 2003, Regional Hospital, Waterford, Ireland.26
•Bennett Ntazina, adolescent boy. Death by circumcision. December 2003, Jan Kempdorp, South Africa.
•Thamsanqa Mnyaka, 19, of Whittlesea, South Africa: Died Friday, 12 December 2003.
•Myolisi Mayekiso, 18, also of Whittlesea, South Africa: Died Friday, 12 December 2003.
•Andile Masabalala, 21, of Tsomo, South Africa: Died Monday, 15 December 2003.
•Sabelo Marotya, 17, at Mdantsane, South Africa: Died Sunday, July 4, 2004.
•Infant twin (by herpes virus, circumcised by Rabbi Yitzhok Fischer who had herpes and performed metziza by mouth [sucking the blood] on baby’s penis) New York, New York, USA, October, 2004.
•Dontsa Lwane, 19 (by suicide after botched circumcision of Dec 11, 2004) Gqebenya, Lady Frere, South Africa, January 8, 2005.
•Wandile Lwane, 21 (Dontsa’s brother, by suicide after learning of Dontasa’s death) Ezibeleni, Queenstown, South Africa, January 9, 2005
•Muyoddin Khan, 5, Indrapur, Nepal, February 10, 2005.
•Abou Quir, infant boy, Alexandria, Egypt, February 15, 2005.
•Jacob Christian Holliday. Circumcision damaged already-defective heart, requiring heart transplant at age two. Death resulted from cancer caused by immuno-suppresant drugs and resultant cancer at age 4, 20 October 2005, Orlando, Florida, USA.
•Patrick Hoho, 58 (hacked to death by Hoho’s circumcision victim), Port Elizabeth, South Africa, July 3, 2006.
•Sello Ntsie, 18 (beaten to death at a circumcision “initiation school” before he could be circumcised), Zuurbekom, near Westonaria, South Africa, July 5, 2006.
•Siyabonga Radebe, 14 (beaten to death at a circumcision “initiation school” before he could be circumcised), Zuurbekom, near Westonaria, South Africa, July 5, 2006.
•Nkhiphitheni Nehelula, 9, Guyuni-Dzumbama village near Mutale, Limpopo, South Africa, July 8 or 9, 2006.
•Xola Mbuqe, 18, Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital, Mthatha, Eastern Cape, South Africa, November 26, 2006.
•Lunga Nocanda, 18, Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa, December 18, 2006.
•Infant boy. Death by bleeding following circumcision in Creswell, Oregon,February 2007, Sacred Heart Hospital, Eugene, Oregon, USA.
•Amitai Moshe, 2 weeks, after a ritual circumcision at Golders Green Synagogue, London. February 9, 2007.
•Celian Noumbiwe, boy, nine weeks, death by circumcision, bled to death, 22 February 2007, Wexham Park Hospital, Slough, Berkshire, United Kingdom.
•Kulideep Kumar Vishnubhai Patel, 10-year-old boy, death by circumcision, 18 November 2007, Unjha, Gujarat, India,
•Infant boy, 18-days-old, death by circumcision, 18 November 2007, Pilar District, Tarragona, Nigeria.
•18-year-old male, death by circumcision, November 2007, Gxulu Village, Umtata, South Africa.
•Obosee Prince Aseh, boy, 2-months, death by circumcision, haemorrhage, 5 June 2008, Treviso, Italy.
•Gino Erojo, 11-years-old. Death by infection following circumcision, 3 August 2008, Panciao, Manjyod, Negroes Oriental, Philippines.
•Beasley Allen Terrebonne, age 48, death by suicide after botched circumcision and resulting depression. 23 December 2008, Thibodaux, Louisiana, USA.
•Eric Keefe, 6-week-old infant boy, death by blood loss following circumcision, 14 July 2008, Indian Health Service Hospital, Rosebud, South Dakota, USA.
•Yogama Boya, 18-year-old male, death by circumcision, July 2008, Qumbu area of Transkei, South Africa.
•Johnson Killed. Age 2 years and 7 months. death by circumcision. 22 July 2008, Bari, Italy.
•Jayvas Carson, full-term baby, born 15 Novmber 2008. Circumcised 28 November 2008 by Dr. Rachel Carson of Coeur d’Alene Pediatics. Died at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital, Spokane, Washington, 1 January 2009 after long series of complications that started with the loss of blood due to his non-therapeutic circumcision.
•Bradley Dorcius, boy, 7-months-old. Death by circumcision, October 2009, SUNY Downstate Hospital. Brooklyn, New York, USA.
•Kaan Otuk, boy, one-month-old. Death by circumcision anaesthesia overdose, 31 October 2009, Çukurova State Hospital, Adana, Turkey.
•Sonke Foca, male, 19-years-old. Death by dehydration following circumcision, 11 November 2009, Butterworth, Transkei, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa.
•Goodluck Caubergs, Baby. Bled to death after circumcision. Oldham, England, April 17, 2010.
•Saijad Hossain Mimu, 6-years-old. Death by lidocaine anaesthetic overdose, 25 September 2010, Safapur, Amirbad Union,Sonagazi Upazila, Feni District in the Division of Chittagong, Bangladesh.
•Joshua Haskins, 7-weeks old. Died 19 hours after having circumcision followed by prolonged bleeding, despite having congenital heart defect and being in intensive care. October 6, 2010, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.
•Jaamal Coleson, Jr., toddler, of Brooklyn, New York. Died at Beth Israel Medical Center, Manhattan, New York City after a circumcision on Tuesday, May 3, 2011.50
•James Connor, infant, seven pounds eight ounces, 21 inches long. Born at Pittsburgh, Friday, November 25, 2011. Died Saturday night, November 26, 2011. Death by bleeding after circucision.
•Anonymous Jewish infant, two weeks old. Death from Herpes infection, Maimonides Hospital, Brookyn, New York, September 28, 2011.51
•Angelo Ofori-Minhah, age 28-days, of Queen’s Park, Northamptonshire, England, died on February 17, 2012 after being circumcised by Rabbi Mordehai Cohen on February 15, 2012. The cause of death was bleeding, exsanguination, and heart failure, according to the medical report. The infant was reported to have lost three-quarters of his total blood volume.
•Two boys, Arif, age 4 and Azhar, age 3,in Rakasipet, Bodhan, Andhra Pradesh India. The boys died on Monday, April 30, 2012 after a circumcision a few days before by a rural medical practitioner at Masjid Colony in the Rakasipet area due to uncontrolled “overbleeding”.
•Infant boy, age two-weeks. Circumcised Sunday, 6 May 2012 in a doctor’s office on the east side of Oslo, Norway. Died of complications Tuesday, 8 May 2012.
•Braden Tyler Frazier. Born February 25, 2013 at Lodi, California. Died March 8, 2013 at Sacramento. Circumcised on the ninth day of life at Sacramento, California. Died on the eleventh day of life of hemorrhage and convulsions, secondary to circumcision.

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Joseph4gi: codifying medical fraud

I somehow deleted my original posting of joseph4gi’s article


How do you justify the forced genital mutilation of minors?

Invent pathological conditions that make it indispensable.
Link anatomically correct male organs to the proliferation of disease.


Perhaps the best example of this is none other than female circumcision; a federal law makes the forced cutting of girls of any kind, and at any age, a punishable offense, and there are no exemptions for “religious” female genital cutting, or cultures where female genital cutting is practiced.


For over a century, circumcision “researchers” can be seen trying to link circumcision with the prevention of feared diseases; there is no shortage of “studies” that say that circumcision prevents this or that, all written by “researchers” who promote its universal adaption. They can also be seen trying to pathologize the presence of anatomically correct male genitalia, and the many stages of its development, setting arbitrary ages by which the foreskin should be “retractable for cleaning.”

While there will never be enough “research” to justify the forced circumcision of girls, it seems circumcision advocates have made the covert contract with themselves, that the forced circumcision of boys will one day be justified, even made compulsory, if only they could come up with the right amount of “studies” that say circumcision prevents disease. We see them trying very hard today, promoting “mass circumcision” in Africa, in the so-called name of AIDS prevention.


WHO Codifies False Conditions Into Existence
The World Health Organization (WHO) has just released their new 2013 ICD-10 codes, which are scheduled to go into effect in October 2014. ICD, which stands for “International Classification of Diseases”, is the global system for reporting morbidity and mortality statistics, for billing, and for health care automated decision support.

The new codes for conditions of the foreskin include a prominent (first on the list) billable code, for a condition whoever wrote these codes want to call “adherent prepuce in the newborn.” If these codes go into effect, it means that doctors and hospitals will be able to claim “adherent prepuce” as a valid medical diagnosis in neonates (valid in the sense that a billable code exists in the WHO ICD system, not that it is an actual medical condition necessitating surgical correction), and be able to legally charge to “correct” it, thereby possibly justifying routine infant circumcision.

The new proposed codes under classification N47, “Disorders of the Prepuce,” can be seen here. (To view, click on the hyperlink for “9 codes” in the second bullet point to read the full list of nine, beginning with N47.0 – Adherent Prepuce, Newborn.)

Without medical or clinical indication, doctors have no business performing surgery on healthy, non-consenting newborns, let alone asking parents to make any kind of “decision.” However, if these codes, which the US Centers for Medicaid and Medicare use, go into effect, doctors will have a code available to justify routine infant circumcision, starting next year unless the new code is rescinded. A whole new ICD-11 code system is slated to be introduced for 2015.

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Um dishwasher cooking… Um okay…

Seems like a interesting concept…

Lasagna :
Epic meal time cooking in the dishwasher
(Bad language and crude joke warnings)

In Italian

Roasted veal in mackerel sauce


Brooklyn Roastery k-cups

So the other day I looked in my half full k-cup coffee drawer. I estimate I still had about 40-50 various brands and flavors but decided I just needed more options. Now, I usually order from keurig.com or just pick up a box at the grocery but I decided to browse Amazon.com and much to my surprise I came across brands I’d never seen before. I read the reviews to Brooklyn Roastery and many were positive so I choose the 40 k-cup variety pack. With prime shipping it arrive in 2 days. (A typical keurig.com order takes a week to arrive after being shipped even though I only live 3 hours from their Atlanta starting point)
The foil covers on the Brooklyn K-cups seem a bit haphazardly put on but only one k-cup was actually leaking grounds.
Today, I tried 2 of the flavors today. 1st the Fuggedabouit and then later the Breakfast decaf. Both had a nice non-acidic taste. Neither was over powering or too strong. (I don’t like Starbucks, newmons, or caribou because they are too strong for my tummy)







-tried the French vanilla one- yummy
– tried the maple- yummy

My vote is that this is tasty coffee

Tail docking, Sounds like a circ argument…

This link here are people actually discussing the comparisons circumcision and tail docking

My 6 year old has been watching “too cute” which is a tv show about puppies and kittens. He asked why some dogs have no tails. I said some are born with them short and some are cut off.
This caused me to look for info and I can across this forum. I’m heart sick…

Sounds like the circumcision argument but about dog tail and ear cropping.

It is not painless, but it is not the huge deal that people make of it either. Tails and dewclaws are done by 5 days of age – if later, they have to be done by a vet with pain meds. Puppies are born with an incomplete nervous system – docking of tails and dews IS felt, but as soon as the puppy is returned to the whelping box, they are totally over it. Part of their issue is the fact that they are being restrained on their back and they really don’t like that.

Honestly, i am not exaggerating one single bit, but Ziva didnt seem to feel as much discomfort after her ears were cropped and posted than she did when she was spayed. That’s the truth. Maybe she was in a small percentage of pups that didn’t have any adverse reaction, I dont know. She didn’t have to wear a cone, because she didnt bother her ears. She played and ran and jumped and acted as if nothing at all had been done to her ears. When she was spayed, though, she layed around for almost two days, looking as pathetic as possible and walked in a way that I knew she was uncomfortable….she took pain meds for two days immediately after her spay surgery. No pain meds were needed after her ear crop. Yes, like mentioned already, tails and dewclaws are cut when the puppy is 3 – 5 days old (my vet prefers 3 days) before the nerve endings have completely developed in those areas. It’s quick and they heal fast, and momma dobe takes such good care of the babies, they forget about their little procedures almost immediately upon returning to their mother.

As Fitzmar said, being restrained is far more upsetting to little pups about to be docked than anything else. When I’ve had litters docked, it was noteworthy that very few of the puppies ever reacted at all at the actual moment of docking.

I’d never say that cropping was pain free, but I’ve never seen it slow a puppy down for a red hot minute, either. They’re back playing and being puppies almost as soon as you bring them home from the vet the day they get it done.

In this day and age, cropping is done for primarily cosmetic reasons, and I feel no need to justify that to anyone. It’s a decision that should be left to me and my vet.

I’m not interested in owning anything but a cropped/docked doberman.

Most surgeries are not pain free – but in young puppies, the pain is gone quickly and they forget quickly….. just as a baby boy does not remember being circumsized.

I’ve cropped two litters and seen them right after cropping – they are running around like a herd of shriners playing and eating within hours of being cropped. Getting used to the cup on their head takes about one day and then they pretty much ignore it. I use BFI powder for the edges of the ears – helps with itching and dries them up quickly.

It really amazes me that so many people make such a big deal about cropping and docking when they apparently think nothing of all the cosmetic enhancements the people all around them do…. tatoos, body piericing, nose jobs, boob jobs, etc, etc….. Done correctly, it is really not a big deal to the dog.

This is my last litter within a couple of days of being cropped:

A lot of the people who spout off about cropping and docking are totally clueless about the whole procedure.

It is not painless, but it is not the huge deal that people make of it either. Tails and dewclaws are done by 5 days of age – if later, they have to be done by a vet with pain meds. Puppies are born with an incomplete nervous system – docking of tails and dews IS felt, but as soon as the puppy is returned to the whelping box, they are totally over it. Part of their issue is the fact that they are being restrained on their back and they really don’t like that.

I am pretty neutral on this topic. Meaning, I don’t really care either way, and would never base any of my decisions around whether or not a dog was cropped/docked. If it is done properly, at the right age, it is so NOT cruel. I think most people don’t understand what’s involved, they just imagine someone taking a pair of scissors to a dogs tail. But the reason why it is done at 2-3 days old is because it is all soft, and it’s done before it hardens. Ears as well, are done at a young age, before the cartilage stiffens, so it’s a pretty minor procedure.

I guess what I’m saying is that tail docking and ear cropping are most important for working dogs. However, there are benefits to cropping/docking even our pets and that it’s not purely cosmetic. Also, the dog was envisioned at creation as being a dog with a bob tail and docked ears, that’s what the standard has called for for a hundred years. Therefore, if we want to have our dobes cropped or docked, people should leave us alone and let us do it.

oh I’m sick…. Heart sick even my 6 year old said it was cruel. He said “but it’s only a puppy, why?”





this link leaves me with a sick feeling. again I hear the pro-circumcision arguments in these statements about tail and ear docking..


I hope this isn’t a hot topic here. I really couldn’t care either way…. though a nubby is damn cute. I often wonder if these people shouting animal cruelty for cosmetic purposes, circumcise their human male kids.





Someone really upset me today by accusing me of ridiculing someone. They misread a statement and then refused to acknowledge that they misread my statement.

I was so upset until I saw this meme shared by an acquaintance


And then I took a breath. The world does not revolve around me. I do not have to defend myself or rather keep defending myself. Just breathe.


Errors and then some funnies

Please excuse some of the numerous typos and errors in my blog. Oftentimes, for pieces I’ve written I’m using Siri voice to text or I’m not paying attention to what autocorrect thinks I’m spelling and then publishing before editing.
I know that’s not professional but then again I’m not actually a professional blogger or writer….

These memes are taken from google images






Another reason newborn infant circumcision is wrong

(Excuse typos- spell checking now. I was using Siri voice to text earlier)


I feel for this family. I really do. What a horrible way to find out your son has a heart condition. However, it didn’t need to be discovered in such a stressful way for the child.
It just goes to show that just because a baby seems healthy and perfect doesn’t mean he is or should be subjected to cosmetic elective surgery.
Poor baby. Poor family.
I hope he continues to do better.


Another heart defect discovered during an infant boy’s circumcision


And another

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Newborn Baby Survives Heart Failure Following Circumcision

“About 15 minutes after they circumcised him, he crashed,” Bond said. “Luckily, we had someone here that knew what was going on and saved his life.”

now before you think “thank goodness they circumcised him so they found out about the heart condition
I want you to think about baby girls.
Girls can have heart conditions too but we don’t try to discover them by electively cutting their genitals.

Circumcision exacerbates these heart conditions. If these babies were not circumcised the body wouldn’t have been under the stress that caused the episode. Yes, they still would have had a heart condition but at least they would not have stressed the heart and baby.

I don’t blame the parents. They are duped by the medical community here in United States. They are feed that circumcision is the right thing to do. They are told its healthier, cleaner and more visually appealing. They aren’t told that having foreskin is normal, natural and appropriate. They aren’t told that the foreskin is part or the penis. They are told it is a flap of skin with no function or purpose.
The foreskin or prepuce protects the glans or penile head keeping it warm, moist and covered.

A review of the scientific literature, however, reveals that the actual eVect of circumcision is the destruction of the clinically demonstrated hygienic and immunological properties of the prepuce and intact penis.

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1758142/pdf/v074p00364.pdf (this is a medical site)

In addition to its long term immunological handicap, neonatal circumcision immediately compromises the immune system, making the circumcised male neonate vulnerable to infec- tion, often with tragic consequences.94 95 Even if the circumcisionists’ studies were valid, the real and unavoidable risks of circumcision out- weigh, both quantitatively and ethically, the alleged risks of intact genitalia. Amputation of the prepuce neither inhibits risky sexual behav- iour nor confers immunity after exposure to pathogens. This is demonstrated by the fact that the United States has both the highest number of sexually active circumcised males and the highest rates of genital cancers, STDs, and AIDS of any first world nation.96 97
Mass involuntary circumcision has failed to achieve any of the public health benefits its advocates have claimed for it; but even if it had achieved them all, there can be no scientific or ethical justification for depriving anyone of sovereignty over his own sex organs. Neonatal circumcision violates bodily integrity and imposes on an unconsenting individual a diminished penis for life. In the wake of the Nuremberg trials, it is inappropriate and unethical for doctors to persist in performing or advocating involuntary penile reduction sur- gery on healthy, normal individuals. The totali- tarian concept of involuntary prophylactic sur- gery espoused by circumcision advocates has no place in modern medicine or the civilised world. The key to decreasing the transmission of STDs is education, not amputation.



The prepuce traditionally has been described as a simple fold of skin,1 for which the purpose and function are unknown. This is inaccurate. In reality, the prepuce is a complex structure with multiple anatomical and physiological functions.2

The prepuce is a portion of the entire covering of the penis. It is specialized tissue, composed of skin, mucosa, nerves, blood vessels, and muscle fibers.2 It is anchored by the abdominal wall at the proximal end of the penis and at the proximal end of the glans penis. It is not attached to the shaft of the penis, so, after puberty, it is free to slide back and forth, everting and inverting as it does.3 The sliding/rolling back and forth is called the gliding action.3,4

A frenulum is found on the ventral side of the penis. The frenulum serves to tether a movable structure to a non-movable structure. The penile frenulum returns the foreskin to its normal protective forward position.2 Most men report that the frenulum is highly erogenous tissue.

Peripenic Muscle

In the skin of the penis, there is a sheath of dartos fascia muscle fibers — the peripenic muscle.2,3,5 The muscle fibers keep the prepuce snug against the glans penis.3 The fibers of the peripenic muscle sheath form a whorl at the tip of the prepuce, which act as a sphincter,3 especially in infants and children. The sphincter also serves to prevent inadvertent retraction of the prepuce. The peripenic muscle gives the prepuce great elasticity, allows it to stretch, and helps to return the prepuce to its forward, protective position after retraction.2 The elasticity of the prepuce plays an important role in the erogenous and sexual functions of the prepuce.


The prepuce covers and protects the glans penis and urinary meatus. In most males, the prepuce protects the sterile urinary tract environment in infancy and maintains the moistness — beneficial to good health — of the mucosal surface of the glans penis throughout life.6 Fleiss et al. (1998) have identified immunological functions that help to protect the body from pathogens:7

sphincter action of the preputial orifice functions like a one-way valve, allowing urine to flow out but preventing the entry of infectious contaminants;
apocrine glands of the inner prepuce, which secrete lysozyme, an enzyme that breaks down cell walls of pathogens (and also acts against HIV8);
sub-preputial moisture that lubricates and protects the mucosa of the glans penis; and
high vascularity to bring phagocytes to fight infection.
The epidermis of the prepuce contains Langerhans cells that secrete cytokines,2 hormone-like low-molecular-weight proteins, which regulate the intensity and duration of immune responses.9 de Witte and colleagues (2007) report that the Langerhans cells produce langerin, a substance that provides a barrier to HIV infection.10


The prepuce of the newborn male has extensive innervation. Winkelmann (1956) reported, “[t]he principal form of innervation of human newborn prepuce consists of a deep and superficial network of nerve fibres in the dermis.”11 Moldwin & Valderrama (1989) reported an extensive neuronal network in the prepuce.12









The measure of his grief by Moss

I’ve been reading this book: thee assure of his grief (kindle addition edition (spelling brain fart)). I like it so far. It reiterates a lot of the anti-circumcision rhetoric but puts a human perspective to it.

It is about a Jewish dr whose father dies. After the shiva during his grief the dr starts experiencing weird penile pains. Eventually, the dr starts studying medical and religious circumcision.
Along the road to self discovery his familial relationships with with wife and daughter morph in good and bad ways.



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In The Measure of His Grief, a Berkeley Jewish physician wages a campaign against infant circumcision-and becomes more deeply committed to Judaism in the process. Dr. Sandor (“Sandy”) Waldman, perceptive but nutty, self-absorbed but a visionary, fails to grasp the extent to which he’s risking his marriage and career as he lives and breathes the circumcision controversy. As the story opens, Sandy’s father, a Holocaust survivor, has died, and during the ritual mourning prayers, Sandy experiences an intense groin pain for which he can find no explanation. So begins a chain of events that will find Sandy engaging in provocative dialogue with everyone from self-congratulatory Bay Area forward-thinkers to hard-line religious and medical traditionalists. Told from alternating viewpoints, the story also follows Sandy’s wife, Ruth, an innovative nutritionist and cookbook author, and their adopted daughter, Amy, feisty yet not quite sure-footed at nineteen. Ruth feels shut out by Sandy’s newfound avoidance of sex and inability to face his grief. She secretly indulges the attentions of a surprising admirer, and initiates a marital separation. Amy, annoyed by Sandy’s clueless attempts to guide and protect her, appreciates his radicalism. But she must separate from both her parents-and grapple with a bid for contact from her incarcerated birth father-in order to move forward with her life. Meanwhile, Sandy delves into Jewish study, seeking to reconcile his iconoclasm within Judaism. Certain he has the moral high ground about circumcision and everything else, he jeopardizes his status as the heir-apparent for Chief of Medicine at his HMO, and feeds into undercurrents of anti-Semitism around him. Sandy is appalled-yet intrigued-by a curious online discovery: a local support group for men “restoring” their foreskins. Could this be Sandy’s ticket to redemption-his way to win back Ruth, regain his equilibrium, come to terms with his heritage?

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Lisa Braver Moss is the author of Celebrating Family: Our Lifelong Bonds with Parents and Siblings and co-author of The Mother’s Companion: A Comforting Guide to the Early Years of Motherhood. Her work has appeared in the Huffington Post, Tikkun, Parents, and the San Francisco Chronicle, among other publications. Her collection of short essays, “I’m Not Impressed,” can be found on the blog lisabravermoss.wordpress.com. A native of Berkeley, California, Lisa still lives in the area. The Measure of His Grief is her first novel.