Brooklyn Roastery k-cups

So the other day I looked in my half full k-cup coffee drawer. I estimate I still had about 40-50 various brands and flavors but decided I just needed more options. Now, I usually order from or just pick up a box at the grocery but I decided to browse and much to my surprise I came across brands I’d never seen before. I read the reviews to Brooklyn Roastery and many were positive so I choose the 40 k-cup variety pack. With prime shipping it arrive in 2 days. (A typical order takes a week to arrive after being shipped even though I only live 3 hours from their Atlanta starting point)
The foil covers on the Brooklyn K-cups seem a bit haphazardly put on but only one k-cup was actually leaking grounds.
Today, I tried 2 of the flavors today. 1st the Fuggedabouit and then later the Breakfast decaf. Both had a nice non-acidic taste. Neither was over powering or too strong. (I don’t like Starbucks, newmons, or caribou because they are too strong for my tummy)






-tried the French vanilla one- yummy
– tried the maple- yummy

My vote is that this is tasty coffee


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