Aquarium and pets and well a general update

So, I’ve added to my family and there have been some small pet deaths, so here is the new count

2 Boys
3 dogs
2 hermit crabs
3 aquatic dwarf frogs
3 danios (fish)
1 minnow
4 flame tetra
1 Betta (male)
2 gold mystery snails
3 black mystery snails
2 blue mystery snails (baby)
2 ivory mystery snails (baby)
3 Japanese trapdoor snails

The aquatic dwarf frogs are kept on a separate tank within The main tank.
The snails roam in both
The hermit crabs are in a desperate separate habitat all together.

One dog has had 2 ccl repair surgeries (torn ligaments in both rear knees) within 2 yrs.

One dog caught an infection from a tick but we caught it right away so no harm done. (Except the vet bill) 2 yrs ago

One dog had a toe infection from a wound between her toes (possibly a stick stab) either way antibiotics cleared that up. 6 months ago

So far none of the humans in the house have come Dow with anything besides colds and allergies.
We are also in our last school year in seminary! Yeah!!!!!!
Hopefully, we will be moving back to Florida next summer.





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