My response piercing and circumcision

Excerpt from post:

Jews do it for religious reasons. I believe Muslims do too, but I don’t know for certain. I still think it’s an unnecessary bit of surgery and all surgery carries risk, but these mothers don’t seem to mind about that, but piercing ears they all want laws passed so babies can’t have it done. The dichotomy between the two amazes me, especially when pointed out to them, they still don’t see it.

So if I am blessed with a son, he will have a bris and will be circumcized. And I’m eagerly awaiting for the day when my husband thinks my daughter is old enough to have her ears pierced.

Now what do you think–are either of these barbaric or is it just a personal choice?

My response:

I dislike both procedures for babies.
Ear piercing should be done by a professional piercer, not a Claire’s employee with a piercing gun…. The child should be able to communicate a desire for the piercing and be at an appropriate age to understand the pain and necessary after care.

I do think circumcision of infants and minors without medical need is barbaric and cruel. Forced circumcisions of male and female minors happens around the world in various cultures and is unethical. Yes, the elders may be carrying out their cultural traditions but that doesn’t mean that the tradition is humane, ethical and not ritual abuse.
Even in medical infant circumcisions proper pain relief for pre/during/post surgical procedure may not be effectively administered because the child is so small the amount of pain relief given is minimal for safety reasons.

Boys and girls can be damaged sexually for life if a circumcision if done wrong or becomes infected.
The child should be able to choose, when the child is mature enough to understand the consequences of circumcision and the aftercare necessary. If the circumcision is of a religious nature the child needs to know what it is for and accept the responsibility of the faith.

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(To anyone reading this I am not linking the original article for you to reply to the article. Please, never leave mean messages to anyone. Period)

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