Life updates:

Besides my current mango rash episode, I’m not sure of the last time I updated anyone on my life.

Summer 2014: we left seminary and moved back to our home state. My husband became an Episcopal priest.

Fall 2014- my brother passed away at 36 years old due to undiagnosed heart disease. It was a complete shock. My mother found him.

Winter 2014: I got a tattoo for myself because you only live once. It is a dragon.

Spring 2015: I got another tattoo in memory of my brother who passed away.

Summer 2016: my husband switched parishes/churches.

Spring 2017: I stopped taking Zoloft which I started after the birth of my second child 8 yrs ago. The Zoloft helped keep me mellow and less angry and anxious….. but I wanted off.

Summer 2017: we moved to be closer to that church. We’ve uprooted our kids from their school and friends. I feel horrible and anxious for them.

The church my husband is at is full of wonderfully nice people who seem to love our family.

Things are crazy right now. The move has been very stressful.

One of our dogs is on a steady decline at 13 yrs old with inflammatory tumors that grow rapidly. We’ve had the last 2 surgically removed but are considering no more surgery if they come back.

My parents and grandmas have never truly recover from the loss of my brother. I figure neither have I. I wasn’t close to my brother because our lives were so different and I regret my selfishness and egotisicalness.

One of my younger brothers- my mom’s only other son- may be deployed next year with his reserves squad. I pray nothing happens to him. He has 2 kids and a 3rd to be born this yr.

I fear for my mom if something happens to him or any of us.

I can’t really think of any uplifting things to say besides the fact that I love my family.


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