Simply Not So simple


So many things i read saddens my soul. Is what we do intentionally with ignorance any better or worse than what we intentionally do with knowledge?
Does a harm done with good intentions make it right? Does a good done accidentally make it wrong?

There are so many harms we inflict upon our children. Sometimes we think it is for their good. Sometimes they are done in anger. Sometimes they are done in ignorance. Sometimes they are done accidentally. Sometimes these harms are inflicted intentionally. Sometimes we harm with our ignorance. Sometimes inspite of our knowledge. Sometimes against our instincts. Sometimes because of our cultural or familial influences.

Sometimes we harm with words. Sometimes with our actions. The harms can be physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
We make mistake with our children. The main goal is to try to do better once we know more. We need to do better. Because our children come first. We need to admit our faults and mistakes but we can also admit the things we did/do well.

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