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I’ve been blogging for about 2 yrs now…give or take a few months. I tend to do a lot of copy-paste from other blogs, parenting sites, cooking pages and scientific articles on my blog. I always try to post the link of the website I retrieved the excerpts from. The reason I copy and paste more often than write an original piece is because so many people can articulate an idea better than I can with my ramblings.
Below is my first page introducing myself.
So let us start:
I believe in God and Jesus… meaning I am a Christian… although I am often times a poor example of one.
I am married to a man who is on his own journey to become an Episcopal priest… Imagine me a priest’s wife?! Yikes! Lord knows we will both need divine mercy!
I am a mother of 2 wonderful boys. Wonderful meaning they are kicking my ass and I’m on my knees daily praying for God to give me strength. Actually, it isn’t that bad but sometimes I wonder…..My Opinions:
I believe that most mothers should at least attempt breastfeeding or attempt to provide breast milk but I understand that sometimes formula is the only option. I think there should be a better support system in place for women to be able to breastfeed infants as well as toddlers around family and in public.
I believe in genital integrity for all minors. Which means I don’t believe in non-therapeutic routine infant/child circumcision. I believe that sometimes there is a medical need for circumcision but if it ain’t broke, it don’t need fixing so leave it the hell alone!!! This goes for male and female children. Although male and female circumcision/assault can differ drastically in application, both are harmful and unnecessary in most instances.
An adult (male or female) can choose any bodily alterations for their own body for cosmetic purposes. As some quotes I’ve heard state “my religion stops at someone else’s body” or “her body her choice”, “his body, his choice” or”yes it is a personal decision, whoever the penis/vagina is attached to makes the choice”I think our health care system and education system is crap but I know I don’t have the knowledge or know-how to fix it and I don’t believe the politicians do either. I did go to college and I did receive a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Social Studies Education and this in no way makes me qualified to pass judgments on our educational system. However, I grew up in this educational system and that is what makes me qualified to judge it and find it lacking.
I have had good health insurance, poor quality health insurance and been without health insurance so I can pretty much say I hate our health system and say it from either side of the fence.
I do vaccinate my children because I do think vaccines do help most people. However, I do think that some people have been legitimately injured by vaccines and that there should be more legitimate and proper studies done that are not funded by drug companies.I can be a very ocd about things in passionate about. I’m trying to be a more peaceful parent but it is hard. I’m a goofball raising two extraordinary goofballs with the help and patience of my husband.
This blog is to help me vent somethings that I can’t say explicitly to my community and also just to relax a bit.
I am full of opinions, beliefs and thoughts and the above mentions is only scratching the surface of my confused and cluttered mind…. so I hope, I hope that at some point I actually make sense….

My Ways:

  • Since I am a mother of two active and young boys I don’t always have the time to check spelling, grammar or punctuation. However, if my errors tend to irk you, feel free to let me know and I will try to correct the worst of the errors.
  • I don’t always proof read, I tend to babble and go off on tangents… get used to it!
  • I love using capital letters when I am EXCLAIMING things or when I am UPSET!
  • I misuse punctuation marks frequently!!!…????!!!
  • Some of my opinions and beliefs are controversial and I may upset you. Comments on the blog are fine as long as they aren’t extremely rude.
  • If you don’t like what I write, feel free to go elsewhere
  • If you like what I’ve written please let me know.

My pictures do not necessarily match or go with the articles. My pics are just for fun no matter what the article is about.

Thank you for bearing with me! I may add more “my ways” as time goes on!






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