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K-cup flavor…. Yummy

I just bought a box of kcups: Gloria Jean's Brown Sugar Cake coffee. It is yummy with Just a dab of plain almond milk. (I don't use sweetener)

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Um dishwasher cooking… Um okay…

Seems like a interesting concept... Lasagna : Epic meal time cooking in the dishwasher (Bad language and crude joke warnings) - In Italian Roasted veal in mackerel sauce

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Brooklyn Roastery k-cups

So the other day I looked in my half full k-cup coffee drawer. I estimate I still had about 40-50 various brands and flavors but decided I just needed more options. Now, I usually order from or just pick up a box at the grocery but I decided to browse and much to… Continue reading Brooklyn Roastery k-cups

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Ok results from roasting my own coffee

The coffee is a bit weak on intake but has a nice "after breath".... (You know when you smell and taste the coffee after you've swallowed).... I knew it would be weak.... Well because I only lightly roasted it and I used my keurig to heat and dispense the water through a "use your own… Continue reading Ok results from roasting my own coffee


Attempting to roast coffee beans with stirring popcorn popper

Ok so I read that you can roast your own coffee....I know shocking!🙀(sarcasm) Anyway, I decided to try but I don't have a coffee roaster and well I like to experiment and read that a popcorn popper will work as well...(I obviously have one of those) So I checked out prices for green coffee beans....… Continue reading Attempting to roast coffee beans with stirring popcorn popper

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Keurig k-cup alternatives.

Ok, so since I'm a coffee freak I figure I should pen another post. (since I bought the water filter for the keurig tank I haven't had any more issues with stuck brewing First some stores are making their own brands of k-cups. Kroger, Target, Walmart. Kroger and Walmart's are reasonably priced but Target's were… Continue reading Keurig k-cup alternatives.

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Keurig obsession

I may be slightly obsessed!!! This is a sample of what I have on hand now.... Van houtte, donut shop, dunkin doughnuts, eight o'clock, foldgers, Starbucks, tullys, Gloria jeans, caribou, Wolfgang puck, Timothy's, green mountain, bigelow, celestial seasonings. (I'm not a big fan of caribou but keep it on hand for guests who like bolder… Continue reading Keurig obsession


Damn my keurig

I like the keurig I really do, but I never remember to buy distilled or filtered water and because of this my keurig is constantly either making loud noise, not brewing or flashing lights at me. Currently, it is flashing the *add water and small cup symbols at me. (While the tank is practically full)… Continue reading Damn my keurig