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A couple of years ago I came across a blog that had a fictional story written from POV of a foreign friend and researcher or reporter who visited a fictional town that cut the ears off all the children at birth because they thought it was cleaner and nicer looking. It was a parody of pro-circumcision culture.
I thought I posted it on my blog but I can’t find it. A friend says I posted it a year ago on my personal fb page but I can’t find it…(I post too much)

Does anyone know the link address for that blog piece?
Can anyone post it in the comments section for me?
Thank you

Found it


Saving babies: it’s a boy

Click the link below to read the entire article! (I did not write it)

saving babies:

It’s a Boy!
Are you expecting a baby boy? Congratulations!
There are a few things you’ll probably want to consider while waiting for the little gentleman to arrive. Breast milk vs. formula, cloth diapers vs. disposable diapers. There are a lot of choices you have to make for your son. One choice you may be thinking about is whether or not to circumcise your baby. You’ve probably heard a lot about circumcision, but can you trust everything you’ve heard?
The fact of the matter is that the U.S. has a lot of untruths circulating about circumcision.

In Conclusion
The simple truth is that circumcision is neither necessary nor required. There is no special care required of you when you leave your baby whole (no Vaseline and bloody bandages in diapers). There is no compelling reason to perform surgery on the genitals of a healthy infant. There is no condition in childhood that would be cured by removal of the foreskin. After six years of research, I have never come across a single sound reason to circumcise an infant. You should not need to be convinced NOT to have genital surgery on your bouncing baby boy. It should be the other way around. Why WOULD you circumcise?

Laying eggs

So this evening as I try to steal a few moments alone in a
steaming hot bath my husband comes in and says my oldest is crying
because he needs me. I told my hubby to let my 4 yr old in. He
brought his dinosaurs and we started to enjoy our soak. Now this
boy loves dinosaurs and has rented any Dino movie we can find, so
of course he knows that dinos lay eggs. So we were talking and one
thing lead to another and we talking about how boys and girls have
different private parts… Yes I said penis and vagina to my son
and that eggs and babies come out of a mother’s body. When he said
how? I said through the vagina. He looks up at me and says “but
babies are too big”… Don’t I know it kid, don’t I know it! I’ve
come to the conclusion that I’m not going to shy away from the sex
talk eith my books. We live in to risky of a time to take chances
without good info and I want our kids to feel comfortable talking
to us about anything… Even sex or genital issues. When I was a
kid I only got an age appropriate book from my parents and then the
typical abstinence speeches in youth group. I learned most of what
I know from reading romance novels… Talk about setting ones self
up for disappointment.