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Awesome article written by a man for men
Cultural circumcision: not really on, is it? 15/01/2011 12:00 pm We here at the JOE office got chatting recently about the practice of circumcision. While some felt it was largely a harmless practice, one had his reservations.


In America recently, there has been a growing movement of men, in the thousands, who are taking the time to stretch out a new foreskin in a process called “restoration.” Men find different ways to tug at the remnants of the foreskin to stretch out a new piece of skin to cover their glans. After years, they’re able to get back a semblance of a foreskin, and men are able to tell the difference. Some men have testified that they thought their sex life was over, until growing back a new foreskin, though not the same as the original thing, has helped them; restoration dekeratinizes the glans, exposing the mucosa beneath it. Since men become more sensitive, they note that they are once again able to have sex, and THEN some; some men report orgasmic sensations never before felt. And still, in others, their female partners notice a difference in the way the man thrusts; it’s not so hard because he’s no longer working to get a sensation. Wives of said men, by the way, report a difference in their orgasmic sensations too. Some people might say this is anecdotal, but the proof is in the pudding. You can talk to men at TLCTugger dot com. It’s so sad that these men have to work hard to get back what should have been theirs to begin with; a whole penis is a man’s BIRTHRIGHT.