Circumcision complications

Drs say complications are rare. NewsMedia says complications are rare. Families say complications are rare. Consent forms say complications are rare. Medical books and websites say complications are rare.
However, rare complications are pretty scary to the parents and children they affect.
Rare is not rare enough when it is your child.
Infant/child Circumcision is unnecessary surgery on a healthy child. The foreskin is not an issue, disease or defect.































Approached a distant family relation….

Ack! I did it. I wrote a distant family relation who is pregnant with a boy, about not circumcising. I know her brothers are because the oldest boy couldn’t retract as a toddler and was cut and so the younger brother was as well when he was born yrs later. (Totally bogus reason given by the dr and accepted as valid by the parent, unfortunately)
She is of Hispanic descent and so is her husband. I can only assumed he is whole as he was born in another country.
The mother said she’d read the info as she had no clue what to decide.
I hope I save this child.


Here is what I wrote:

“Hey lady, how are you? Congrats on being preggo with a baby boy!
I know I’m about to give advice that is not being asked for but it is something I feel strongly about so I’m sharing the info. I know in C/S America and in Hispanic culture in general it customary to not circumcise. (Which I totally agree with)…. But I also know that American culture is saturated with the “cut the penis” mentality.
I’m sending you information on the proper care of the uncut newborn male body and information against circumcision (aka cutting the baby)

Please don’t think I’m crazy… I’m just being protective.
Here are some links

If you need anymore information I can give you more. I can even get science links and pediatric associations against newborn circumcision from other countries…

Some legal language. Interesting if you can get through it! 😊

And last I’ll bother you with. I didn’t circumcise my boys because their daddy is whole and not cut but it wasn’t until I read this article below that I did any research and became very very very very against circumcision.

Excerpt from: Land of Yu-phonia

I did not write this. I love this piece. Click the link below the excerpt to read the entire piece.

Land of Yu-Phonia
by Rosemary Romberg (Wiener)
illustrations by Linda Tagliaferro

I once went to visit a far off land. As soon as I arrived there I noticed that the people all looked just like us except for one thing. Hardly any of them had ears. On the sides of almost all of the people’s heads were small holes surrounded by small scars where ears should be. I imagined that this was probably an unusual breed of people who were born that way.

I had been visiting for a few days when I came upon a group of children. All of them were earless, just like nearly all the inhabitants of Yu-Phonia. Some of these children stared at me with fascinated curiosity. I soon realized why. I have ears. Soon a woman came along and scolded the children. “It’s not nice to stare at people! Now, go away and leave her alone!”


Click below link to read the rest

Valentine’s baby!

Taken from facebook page valentine intactivist photo contest.

Whether a patents chooses circumcision/genital cutting surgery or not most parents love their children.
The message that you need to take from this is love your child unconditionally. Obviously, if your child needs heart surgery, cleft palate surgery or has other medical needs then get them fixed. …. However, the foreskin is not a birth defect. Most of the world does not cut infants. All mammals have foreskins. Why are american humans the only ones who need most baby boys to be surgically altered upon arrival???? Answer: social brainwashing… Tradition… Get this…The American custom of genital cutting is only around 100 yrs old…

the history of circumcision:

rough/general chronology of circumcision:








A mom tells her story, no real big complications but she carries regret

a mother’s regret:


In conclusion to a very long story that was very painful for me to share, the message I am trying to spread to you is do your research. Watch some videos of infant circumcision on youtube, google “circumcision risks”, talk to men who are intact if you know any, google “functions of the foreskin”, just DON’T do like I did and make a decision based on someone else’s feelings. I’m going to attach several links to some sites that I wish so badly that I had seen before my boys were born. I will warn you that some are gruesome to look at, but if you can’t stand to look at it, think about how it would feel to endure it.

TWN: adhesions

Adhesions after circumcision: advise- leave them alone. Unless causing immediate harm wait until the penis has finished developing before treating.
For children not circumcised- (or are intact / uncut)- never retract the foreskin or an infant or toddler… The child should be the only one to retract it once it is able to be.

Adhesions (or skin bridges) are the result of two raw tissues healing together. With circumcision, the cut skin will try to heal back and can possibly attach itself to the penis, creating a skin bridge. This is why some doctors recommend putting Vaseline on the glans for a week to ten days after circumcision (which will prevent the two structures from reattaching.) But what happens if this doesn’t work and adhesions form?

It is likely that your doctor will advise you to rip the tissues apart, which can cause pain, bleeding, and scarring. It may be best to see what his reaction is before attempting to do this. If it’s painful and traumatic for him, it would be best to leave it alone for now. We’re learning that adhesions can sometimes resolve themselves as the boy approaches puberty and begins to ‘fiddle’ with his penis. In boys that are not circumcised, the foreskin will start to separate as the boy pulls on his foreskin (boys pull the foreskin out and away from their bodies, not toward their bodies.) Note: only the boy himself should be the one pulling. Everyone else (doctors, parents, etc.) need to leave it alone.

If the adhesions do not resolve on their own by the time the boy approaches puberty, topical creams can be prescribed which will weaken the tissue and help break down the adhesions. If the topical creams do not work, the adhesions can be lysed after the boy goes through puberty (18-25 years) when his penis is done developing. At that time, he will also be able to understand what is happening to his body and can have proper pain medication. Of course, if problems develop prior to puberty, they would have to be dealt with when they present themselves.

Miriam Pollack, circumcision: identity gender and power

Miriam Pollack on circumcision


“Circumcision may be an ancient rite, but it is wrong. Over the ages Judaism has demonstrated a remarkable ability to mutate in practice and retain the integrity of its spiritual legacy. Judaism was not vanquished when the first temple was destroyed, nor when the second temple was razed. The discarding of animal sacrifice as the primary mode of worship did not result in an unraveling of Jewish spirituality or continuity. Legally, Jewish identity is defined both by halachah (Jewish law) and by the Israeli Supreme court according to the status of the child’s mother: if the mother is Jewish, the child is Jewish. Circumcision does not trump maternal lineage.”
“Without compromising either our children’s identity or the survival of our people, we can invite all of our Jewish children, our baby girls and our baby boys, into a brit b’lee milah, a covenant without circumcision, and school them in the wisdom, love, and beauty of the Jewish tradition. Unlike Christianity, which teaches that a child is born into original sin and must be redeemed, Judaism teaches that the soul is pure — only the penis needs “redemption.” The truth is that the whole baby is pure, body and soul, including his tender genitals, and it is both a mitzvah and our most sacred duty to protect him.”

In the comments a poster wrote the below as a reply to the article.:
marc_a | 1 hours ago
As an intactivist I support your opposition to infant genital mutilation. But as a men’s rights activist, I disagree that circumcision is about male power. What you call “patriarchy” is really male *disposability.* Gender roles cause “patricarchy,” not the other way around. Both men AND women have imposed gender roles. Men had to work in dangerous conditions or fight wars the elite (both men and women) created and that women supported at about the same rate men did. You should read The Myth of Male Power byWarren Farrell. Men’s role has been one more of disposability and sacrifice than of privilege. FGM is not about men trying to control women’s pleasure. It’s usually mothers, who encourage FGM. And MGM was introduced in the U.S. and U.K., to control male masturbation. It’s not “fear of women.” It’s about controling pleasure but in *both* sexes, and *by* both sexes. The reason we don’t have words for a women’s genital wounds is because masculinity has been used to control men into disposing of themselves. Hence expressions like “grow a pair.” If a man’s genitals are destroyed he is “emasculated” because he has a role to play and he better fulfil that role. Men are still discriminated against in child custody, criminal sentencing, public benefits, domestic violence policies, and genital mutilation. We automatically protect female genitals but we don’t care when boys’ genitals are mutilated.
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