What kind of toad is this?

Can anyone tell me what species of toad this is? American, fowler or cane?
I caught it in June/July 2011, it is currently march 2012 in Tampa, FL, USA
The toad was a lot smaller but not tiny when we caught it. It is now roughly the size of a bar of soap.
When younger it would eat dead or dried bugs from a dish as well as living bugs.
It puffs up and hisses air when touched but will allow holding in palm of hand as long as no sudden movements are made.
It is missing one of its hind feet. It was injured and healed before we caught it.





So we’ve been visiting family in Florida and having a stressful but otherwise nice time.
Going to Disney world tomorrow…..
Last yr was very stressful… This yr WILL be better!
We rented a stroller from
Orlando stroller rentals
… Let’s see how this works…..
Update: well the city mini double showed up at our hotel without a hitch. It’s a bit worn down from lots of use but in good condition nonetheless. So far I’d recommend this company…. I didn’t price compare but the rental was $69 for 1-3 days…..