Mixing fruit, sugar and vodka and letting it sit

Read this blog. It’s yummy!!!

I just came across this post from fifth on food and was reminded that I’d done something similar before.

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I’ve done this before. I used canned tropical fruit undrained, sugar and vodka. Let still for about 2 weeks to a months in cleaned spaghetti sauce jars.

I’ve also used apple sauce, cranberry juice, sugar, cinnamon and vodka and let it sit for a few weeks.



The boys first trip to Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando.
We stayed at the Waldorf Astoria… very ritzy and ate dinner at
T-Rex in downtown Disney with my in-laws, my bro and sis in law and
my 1 yr old nephew. My boys loved the dinosaurs! The next day we had
a birthday celebration for my nephew at Chef Mickey’s and then a
stroll in magic kingdom. Everything was great except for that
stroll. The boys were tired and cranky and too young to wait nicely
in line. All in all we had fun!