Simply Not So simple


so I was hedge clipping.... well hedge demolishing and I maybe, might have, possibly, uh uh uh uh cut the power cord......

Simply Not So simple

Bad little boy

This is my favorite Christmas humor song. As a kid, I loved it when it played on the radio! Link to the Bad Little Boy song video on YouTube Thanksgiving is all over and my dad put up the tree Looks like a merry Christmas for everyone - but me 'Cause I ain't gettin' nothin'… Continue reading Bad little boy

Simply Not So simple


I don't know if you believe in Astrology or heck, if I believe in astrology. I know that I am a Gemini and sometimes character analysis pretty much outline my personality. For example: Gemini is actually introverts "Gemini’s are intrinsically introverted, preferring to chat with themselves and their multiple personalities than with other people. However,… Continue reading Gemini

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Jenhatmaker blog: worst mom on last week on school

This link isn't working at the moment but it may later Here is a link to another blog, hopefully their link works to link to Jenhatmaker blog The author's facebook fan page Excerpt: The emails coming in for All Of The Things – class gift, end of year letters, luncheon signup, party… Continue reading Jenhatmaker blog: worst mom on last week on school

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The tragedy of healthy eating! (Funny) Soon you learn that even vegetables are trying to kill you. Many are completely out unless they are pre-fermented with live cultures in a specialized $79 imported pickling crock. Legumes and nightshades absolutely cause problems. Even fermentation can’t make those healthy. Goodbye, tomatoes. Goodbye green beans. Goodbye all that makes summer food good. Hey,… Continue reading The tragedy of healthy eating! (Funny)

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Resume of a stay at home mom Who are we kidding here? The only job I'd be able to land with these skills is in a penitentiary or insane asylum- and the latter doesn't even exist anymore. I think instead I'll just hope to win the lottery... y'know- without buying a ticket. Stranger things have happened. ----- From holdinholden

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I’ve been off

So, I recently joined my library online through something called overdrive. I've been demolishing romantic trash for the last couple weeks because it is an online library and books are "due" to be returned at a certain time. So, I've been reading and reading romantic sappy stuff by Christine feehan and reading sci-fi from Anne… Continue reading I’ve been off