Circumcision- practice and complications

Circumcision videos if you can’t watch them don’t subject your sons to them. If you can etch them and still have it done then I feel sorry for you and sympathy for your poor sons.

I know you love your sons. There is no reason for circumcising children. Let the adult choose circumcision if it is for cultural, religious or medical reasons.

Plastibell circumcision video

Listen with volume. The dr calmly explains the procedure while the baby screams in agony and in neglect.

Another plastibell circumcision. However, this dr was very liberal with the emla cream and used it pre-surgery and during the surgery in addition to numbing shots.

Just because this baby wasn’t screaming doesn’t mean it wasn’t in pain later and doesn’t mean he may not have complications later. Also emla cream is not recommended for infants or genital tissue.

Holy fhtbhthh
You can’t hear anything but you can see the baby struggling. This circumcision was done with an electrocautery device. (Foreskin cut off using a burning device)

electrocautery /elec·tro·cau·tery/ (-kaw´ter-e) an apparatus for surgical dissection and hemostasis, using heat generated by a high-voltage, high-frequency alternating current passed through an electrode.

I’m traumatized just watching this. Poor baby.


Gomco clamp



Female circumcision

Circumcision complications


Below: yes, this is an extreme complication. Yes, thus can be construed as a scare tactic. However, if this was your child wouldn’t you wish some one had scared you into sparing your child this hideous catastrophe


Maggots in circumcision wound



Complications from infant circumcision on the now mature man

History if circumcision for the non-Jewish, non-Muslim peoples of the USA.

Surprise! American Christians didn’t circumcise!




Adding this April 14, 2013

Another baby hemorrhaging… Lucky to be alive and yet supposedly the risks are worth it? How is almost dying worth it? How is almost dying because of a medically unnecessary surgery being performed on a healthy infant worth it?



Warning graphic pics: Plastibell circumcision- yes they do cut

Below: in blue is a link to the video
Below: are screen shots of the video.
This is a normal plastibell circumcision. This is not a scare tactic. …. But listen to this baby’s screams…. Painful or painless…. This child needs to be held and consoled, not strapped down and have his genitals surgically cut and modified while being conscious and in evident emotional distress.

video of plastibell circumcision on infant boy





The picture below is not from this video but it is a shot of how much skin is taken off a newborn’s penis.
This is a ring of flesh. Genital flesh from a gomco clamp circumcision


Duggars photos of stillborn

Ok, today on my Facebook news feed an article popped up that Michelle Duggar of the TLC channel, 19 and counting, had photos taken of her 19 week gestation stillborn and a family member tweeted them on the Internet.

The article I read expressed someone’s view that taking pictures of the stillborn was horrific and no mother of a stillborn child would contemplate that. This person said they only took pics because they are tv stars and wanted more fame.
I call bullshit! I may not like the Duggar lifestyle..(quiverfull)… But the loss of a child in pregnancy is horrific, not the pictures. Pictures are a thing of beauty.

I miscarried at 11 weeks pregnant but baby growth was at 7 weeks gestation. I tried to miscarry naturally but after a few days of extreme pain and heavy bleeding I allowed my family to pressure me into a d-and-c to clear my lifeless baby out of my uterus.
I was devastated especially when I requested the remains and they said there wouldn’t be anything of consequence to give me. I mourned for months, even into my next pregnancy.

Below are several links… One of a woman’s story with pictures Of her baby which she miscarried at roughly the same gestational age of my own. another link of the article I read about the Duggars. There are also two additional blogger posts on this. Of The pictures below the first with the hand and the one with the feet are the Duggar pictures. The other picture was of a 6 week gestation baby, it is from the a different blog and the rest are pictures obtained from the web.
Update: I just found the other one with her holding the baby’s feet! So precious! I’m also adding another blog post from another blogger.
I’m not a volcano- jubilee duggar article

woman who miscarried at 6 weeks. pictures of the child

duggar- yahoo news link

another blog written about the Duggar’s baby Jubilee. this one a good article.






Update: 4/1/12
They showed it on tlc for this season.–19-kids—counting—video-.html?fb_action_ids=3269914105055%2C349980908372890&fb_action_types=news.reads&fb_source=other_multiline